Treating Women Well with good communication

Treating Women Well Treating Women Well involves far more than legislation and company policies, although they are important and below are some good news updates. It also involves respectful relationship quality and equality. What does this all mean? As a common-sense counsellor, I have done specialist training PTSD and in Imago Relationship communication skills coaching. … Read more

Cheerfulness as a depression treatment

Cheerfulness is worth a try Cheerfulness is worth a try. If you’re feeling depressed, its hard to contemplate, however on a bad day, this quote grabbed my attention. ‘Good things may come on a moment’… It’s in Robert Burton’s book on Melancholie! How to bring on an … 😊Injection of energy is outlined on a … Read more

Turning Gaming into therapy & Gamers to alternatives

Gaming device helps adventure junkie as a recovery remedy. He developed a program to feed his addiction 😊but in the process has a new safer way to get the same effects without further injury. If he’s never going to be able to do the original activity due a new level of physical ability, then he’s … Read more

Handling difficult behaviours in kids or adults

Handling difficult behaviours in family Relationships work in progress… but here’s something to listen to to start with 🙂  

What good Imago Therapy looks like

Imago Therapy looks like a Great Relationship Imago Therapy looks like 2 people connected in a deep way. Communicating in a way that is listenable to; clarifying, empathising and validating. Learn more about what all these big words mean in as little as 4-6 sessions. Yes, I mean it, but it takes a little commitment … Read more

Counselling Availability Taking Bookings

Counselling Availability Taking Bookings is a rare find Counselling Availability Taking Bookings – You mightn’t believe it But after a medical emergency in hospital and recuperation, I’m Fit and well-rested so taking bookings again. Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD and Relationship Specialist has increased counselling availability taking bookings to help with COVID spread in WA. Covid precautions, … Read more

Licorice or Liquorice can kill you

Licorice or Liquorice suppliers need to have warning signs Licorice is either loved or hated by people & spelt Liquorice in Australia. The reality is – it can be extremely dangerous – even drinking a few cups of Liquorice tea for more than a month could KILL YOU especially if you have any weakness in … Read more

Schema therapy helps you begin healing

Schema therapy helps you change long-term life patterns Schema therapy consists of identifying your early maladaptive schema, coping styles and modes, and systematically confronting and challenging them. Schema therapy can address a whole range of issues from eating disorders to depression. It is most commonly used for long-standing problems. The engrained nature of long-term issues can … Read more

Eco-anxiety counselling empowers people

Eco-anxiety counselling supports positive transformation Eco-anxiety counselling is described in an article  where they outline the development of this concept in 2007.  This blog has extracts from that article. It’s only natural to feel anxious in the face of a melting planet and the sixth mass extinction. In some ways, climate anxiety is a rational … Read more

Green vegetables impact relationships

Green vegetable Health Benefits to Couples Green vegetable benefits include reduced stress, more energy, better memory and keep your body younger! Nearly half the people who reach the age of 85 in the US today have Alzheimer’s.  What would 11 more years of healthy brain function be worth to them and their families — versus … Read more