Counselling Availability Taking Bookings

Counselling Availability Taking Bookings is a rare find

Counselling Availability Taking Bookings – You mightn’t believe it 🙂 But after a medical emergency in hospital and recuperation, I’m Fit and well-rested so taking bookings again.

Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD and Relationship Specialist has increased counselling availability taking bookings to help with COVID spread in WA. Covid precautions, started me using video sessions with either Zoom or facebook 🙂 It makes things so much easier for all of us 🙂  EMDR  is possible over Zoom or facebook video

Specialist in trauma, PTSD & Relationships

Counselling Availability Taking Bookings

My clients are amazed at how quickly, they experience positive results from their sessions and the take-home-tools that I provide. EMDR is highly effective and saves you the pain of talking about your most painful experiences, and heals the trauma or PTSD symptoms. Clients experiencing anxiety find it to be the most powerful medicine, far better than band-aiding with medication.


Counselling Availability Taking Bookings
Release from anxiety, trauma or relationship distress is life-changing

Relationship communication is transformed and each Imago dialogue provides powerful healing 🙂

Conveniently online video 🙂  You receive self-help methods to continue caring for yourself between and after sessions to empower you rather than create dependency 🙂 To learn more about the counsellor, Francess Day, please enjoy reading here

Frequent Questions also gives you the range of fees which you will be asked to consider.
All fees are Negotiable, and are based on amounts that you would have to pay above the Health Insurance or Medicare rebates. Counselling for Couples & Family in Perth & Hills, WA is not eligible for Medicare rebates. It is only available with a Mental Illness diagnosis from a GP.

The positive of this is privacy and being able to determine what you invest in your mental health and healing with a specialist, rather than pay nearly $300 and find you only get less than a third back from Medicare.

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  1. This sounds like something I can help you with although I no longer provide the accommodation, there are many places still trying to rebuild their service after covid. It wouldn’t be good to be therapist and accommodation provider – as some conflict of interest might occur.
    Would I guess that it would be a weekend?
    Look forward to some more information before you book the weekend 🙂


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