Treating Women Well with good communication

Treating Women Well

Treating Women Well involves far more than legislation and company policies, although they are important and below are some good news updates.

It also involves respectful relationship quality and equality.

What does this all mean?

As a common-sense counsellor, I have done specialist training PTSD and in Imago Relationship communication skills coaching. In the process of coaching, you together in these skills, we also deal with all the hot potatoes/issues/problems.

You’ve probably heard about the book; ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.’ What it highlights, is how all people have individual needs, which can be reverse to the traditional stereotype generalisations. Of course, the grey zone is where most people can be described as.

Imago Communication processes basically do us out of a job!

We coach you in Advanced Listening and Clarification skills and some basic rules of communication that often people go to a counsellor to get. We show you how to give that same level of empathy.

To learn more about all of this, you can have a read here or just contact for an appointment 😊

The home environment is influenced by societal attitudes and is the building block of social conditioning and bias/belief formation. Treating Women Well is learned by watching parents or other carers. We adults are in the spotlight of a child’s world. They don’t see much else till they go to educative places.

Good news about Treating Women Well

Two powerful influencers of what Treating Women Well looks like at work and the wider society where our little children must survive and hopefully thrive are government and churches. You might enjoy the following 2 interviews with Patricia Karvelas, Presenter who examines both areas.

First, she speaks with Australia’s new Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Anna Cody, who sounds like a level-headed woman who is

Treating Women Well
Women being heard

across many perspectives of our multi-cultural and multi-gender community.

Three years ago, the Sex Discrimination commissioner Kate Jenkins delivered her landmark ‘Respect@Work’ report. The Australian Human Rights Commission will receive new regulatory powers as a result of that report’s findings.  Credits Nancy Notzon, Producer

Finally, something is shifting in the Catholic church. Comprehensive research is presented by the women. We do need to do research to build up a body of evidence ourselves in order to drive change. 😊 Now we have clear evidence, not just influential people’s ‘opinions’ [which have their role in reform processes]. We need high-profile people to get the evidence out to general society.

So, if the male dominated hierarchy of the Catholic church can start to adapt by letting lay people participate in Synod! And listen to the evidence. [OK, change is the church’s last survival mechanism – because hardly anybody goes to church.]  This podcast describes a positive outlook showing how evidence influences policy reform and community education.

LEAVING GIVES US PERSPECTIVE – time out of an institution, or any familiar situation makes us stronger. This is one of the benefits of a at least a few weeks holiday. This sentence will make more sense when you’ve heard the podcast 😊

If any of this material triggers you emotionally you can access support from Lifeline or make an appointment with Francess Day via my contact form.

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