Frequent Questions

Appointment Availability

Common, Frequently Asked Questions most often are about availability.

Most days have appointments available, however times are limited to 3pm – 930pm WST

Where are we situated?

Common, Frequently Asked Questions involve location.

Currently I do all my counselling online, started by covid – but we found that it actually works better in some ways – which I was surprised about.

  • We use Skype or Zoom or Facebook Messenger video which had to be the case due to  covid in Australia.
  • As one of the vulnerable people, so to keep healthy and working, I have to do online like many people who don’t have time to get sick because already there’s not enough workers/professionals to meet need.

    EMDR Therapy
    Specialist in EMDR, PTSS & Relationships

Couples are still face to face in the online method due to how the Imago Relationship Therapy process works  🙂 🙂

Like a bystander tennis coach, I guide you both through the process as if I was far away like I am.

The important thing is for you both to look at each other, not me that much. Of course you can face me to start with, and as necessary 🙂

Common Frequently Asked Questions – Fees

We have a range of fees to consider.
All fees are Negotiable, and are based on amounts that you would have to pay above the Health Insurance or Medicare rebates. Counselling for Couples & Family in Perth & Hills, WA is not eligible for Medicare rebates. It is only available to individuals with a Mental Illness diagnosis from a GP from certain counsellors registered to provide these services.

Broadening Horizons’ professional fees (inclusive of GST) are as follows – all are negotiable and fully tax deductible:

Individual Counselling

$90-190 per hour for waged individuals paying for themselves (during working hours which are now at the convenient times 3- 930pmWST)

Weekend afternoons from 3pm is $130- 190 per hour for you super busy waged individuals 🙂

$252 per hour for indviduals paid for by another organization ( e.g., Insurance Commission – Motor Vehicle Accidents and Govt. workers)

Min $80 per hour for unwaged individuals paying for themselves (during working hours)

$200 per 1.5hr session for couples. Sundays: $250 per 90 minutes. Discounts available for unwaged people 🙂

All costs (administration etc) are included in the hourly rate except for agreed Report Writing, travelling costs, copies of records/your file requested by you, publications, materials or other Literature recommended by us that may be of assistance, and any products or services that we license/pay for from a third party, for example: psychometric testing.

Missed appointments/sessions:

48 hours or More Notice – No Charge

24 to 48 Hours Notice – 50% of Minimum charge

Less than 24 hours Notice – 100% of Minimum Charge

The Minimum Charge for a missed appointment or session is for one hour.

The terms of payment are either on the day of the counselling or group session or, within fourteen days of the issue of an invoice.

The following is extracted from a legal Agreement / Information sheet which we are legally bound to provide our clients. Although it is somewhat intimidating, it exists to protect all parties, especially You. It answers many FAQ.

Feel free to discuss any further questions on  email  due to the phone being unavailable. Your FAQ may not be covered on this page, so please don’t hesitate to ask. Most things are negotiable, including the prices 🙂


Qualifications and Expertise:-)

All Broadening Horizons’ counsellors have undergone at least one nationally accredited training course on counselling and have experience in a practical counselling environment. Broadening Horizons’ counsellors are also members of the Australian Psychological Society: a professional body with its own code of ethics. Therefore, Broadening Horizons’ counsellors are subject to a wide range of professional and ethical requirements, imposed by the professional association. A resume of Francess’ qualifications and experience is available in “About Us”, and the code of ethics that Broadening Horizons’ counsellors abide by is available upon request.


Hours of Practice

The ordinary hours of the practice of Broadening Horizons’ are from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm weekdays. There is a limited after hours service during Saturday afternoons, and weekday evenings between 5.00 pm and 8.00 pm for which appointments may be made. Broadening Horizons’ reserves the right to change its hours without notice.

Emergency Services

Broadening Horizons’ does not provide an emergency counselling service as such however appointments can often be arranged very soon. If you are lucky sometimes a Broadening Horizons’ counsellor is available to provide counselling by telephone, outside the appointments at the practice, but you will be expected to pay for the service. If you are concerned about this, your counsellor will provide you with a list of alternative services that may be available to you should you urgently require assistance. Broadening Horizons’ is not in a position to provide any warranties or recommendations in relation to these alternative service providers.

It’s also important to note that, as the resources of Broadening Horizons’ are limited, a counsellor may not be available at short notice even within ordinary business hours or within the limited after hours sessions.


Subject to a mutually agreed and signed Agreement and the terms of the consent contained within, all information in relation to you will be treated as confidential. All staff of Broadening Horizons are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement to enforce this.


Australian Government Privacy Legislation applies to information collected whilst providing, or during, counselling services. Our Privacy Policy forms part of the Agreement and notes your specific consent about privacy and information collection and use before signing the Agreement. Please raise any questions about privacy you may have as soon as possible with your counsellor.

Broadening Horizons understands that your privacy is important to you and we are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal contact information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

The emails that you send are not printed. The computer in which emails are received has a secure password. Broadening Horizons doesn’t send marketing emails, and will not pass on your details to anybody.

Methodology and Approach

Broadening Horizons’ counsellors generally use recognised therapeutic approaches to counselling which are widely used by professional counsellors. However, if you have any questions or concerns about the approach that they are taking at any time, please do not hesitate to raise these with your counsellor and only proceed if you are comfortable.

Broadening Horizons’ counsellors also use therapeutic approaches which are not conventional or not used by a many professional counsellors. This is because Broadening Horizons’ counsellors have found that their alternative therapeutic approaches have often delivered positive outcomes for their clients. However, if you have any questions or concerns about the approach that they are taking at any time, please do not hesitate to raise these with your counsellor and only proceed if you are comfortable.’

Phew – thats the formal stuff covered.!

New Office location was at 162G  Rokeby Road Subiaco 

Subiaco marriage counselling
Go upstairs via glassdoor to right of cafe

Next to Brewha who talk about us here 🙂   on the carpark side

Enjoy their hospitality if you are early, or buy your fresh coffee beans for home brews 🙂

Also in Greenmount in Perth Hills – easy access for country people from wheatbelt too 🙂


The Midland and Hills counselling location is in Greenmount


Walk into the lovely outdoor area between the Post Office and Pupa on the corner. Just before you enter Brewha Coffee shop & outdoor area, there is a glass door with a big white 162 – walk to the otherside of Brewha, to another glass door, with no number. We are upstairs, first on the right  The door will be open if I’m ready 🙂 If you’re early, please enjoy the sunshine, have a cuppa downstairs or go to the toilet, free in shopping centre on the right or Brewha will give you their key 🙂  




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