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Marriage Counselling Perth is provided by Broadening Horizons to ENABLE COUPLES, and ANY RELATIONSHIP to Understand and Communicate in a Safe way so that each individual feels heard, Understood and Respected. We use Imago Therapy:  BE LOVED IN THE WAY THAT YOU NEED LOVE!

Learn Skills to help you Continue nurturing Love for each other throughout your Life.  Belonging

Mental Health

During Mental Health week, we learn about causes, prevention and cure. Not much is said about how important relationship communication quality is in all 3 aspects. With over 25 years experience counselling people, it is what I’ve found most impacts the relationship. So investment in this counselling is a wise decision – before its too late!

How do we Help You?marriage decision 115117519

  • Decide if this Relationship is going to work?
  • Perfect for PreMarital Preparation
  • Repairing Stressed Relationships with Defacto, Married Couples, Homosexual couples & Parent-Child relationships

FIFO families have unique challenges which the counselling profession is only starting to collate research on. SUPPORT GROUPS   are a wonderful addition to your coping resources. More information is available on industry websites  and online services  but Imago relationship coaching gives you the skills to communicate your feelings and opinions and needs in a way that can be heard, understood, respected in a way that is more likely to be  responded to by other family members.

Premarital Preparation

Pre-marital coaching in conflict resolution and communication skills will enhance a deep understanding of each other as individuals.
Even if you don’t marry, the excitement of the romantic stage and setting up home together often blinds people to the warning signs. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the warts and all?

And knew how to deal with each other’s sensitivities in the way that they need, before a long miserable situation sets in, after which one might leave, have an affair, and perhaps then come to counselling. Then its often too late with too much painful hurt having occurred….
Prevention is always better than cure.


Too many people wait until its too late and suffer what Mack describes.

If one of you is saying “Its too late”, it could be. But its better to find out first before the pain, and multiple costs of separation.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could be one of those couples who negotiate separation in a caring, respectful way that has little negative impact on the rest of the family –

and instead receive and give a lot of empathic UNDERSTANDING ?

Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day 

Imagine having a really clear idea of how to really make your partner/spouse delighted, happy and feeling loved & cherished. We have proven ways to facilitate this.

Treat yourselves to a Coaching session today. Ph 0417 997 016. Please just leave a message with your phone number and I will phone you back within 24 hrs, if I miss your phonecall. Please try again if technology fails to deliver your message.

Marriage Counselling Perth provides therapy for children’s issues.

Marriage Counselling Perth uses Imago therapy also assists all family relationships. Many couples bring teenagers who have been affected by the relationship stresses, especially if there has been an affair. The parents have resolved their conflicts and grown through the therapy processes; however the chilld is still feeling betrayed and upset. Much success has been gained when marriage counselling includes children in Imago therapy sessions with either one or each parent in separate sessions.

Many couples after experiencing the success of the therapy for themselves, bring their child who may be experiencing their own personal challenges, drugs, alcohol or learning problems. Imago dialogues between the parent and child who have the closest relationship have created the type of support that the child needs to feel safe to confide in their parent in a deeper way.

Marriage Counselling has so often revealed that having children affects married couples relationship in a variety of ways. Does this ring true for you?

Marriage Counselling Perth heals family business fallout.

A number of marriages become a casualty from working together in a private small business. The reasons for this are only beginning to be researched by business researchers.  When financial stresses threaten the business, the first people to get blame or anger outbursts are those closest to us. The Imago therapy processes used have saved many otherwise good marriages.

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