Trauma Self Help Textbook: Putting together the pieces

Trauma Self Help Textbook: Putting together the pieces

The Trauma Self Help Textbook: Putting together the pieces was recommended for University Student reading lists by a casual lecturer working at 3 of West Australia’s major universities. It is currently on the shelves of the major WA universities.

It is regularly ordered for an online private Counselling Skills training college based in QLD, and is also in most public libraries around Australia. If it is not available at your library, please recommend it using the order form and perhaps pass on the URL of this page to them.

This book is a great gift to support to family and friends of a traumatised person, who may be at a loss to understand the changes in their loved one. Please view Family Feedback and Forewords on how it will help the natural support network, and general community members, helping professionals and general counsellors, social workers and psychologists.

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CONTENTS   and    PAGE numbers of the Trauma Self Help Textbook: Putting together the pieces

Author’s note vii


Brief description of post traumatic stress 1

What is a traumatic event? 7


Section One How trauma affects our self-concept and view of life.  11

Chapter 1 Life, death and immortality 12

Chapter 2 What is it like being a survivor? 36

Chapter 3 Human connectedness 79


Section Two The ways we can respond emotionally   127

Chapter 4 Psychic numbing 128

Chapter 5 Emotional vitality and fragmentation of the self 143


Section Three The barriers to recovery 165

Chapter 6 Survivor guilt, moral issues and self-condemnation 166

Chapter 7 Failed enactment and re-enactment 183


Section Four The healing process: reconstruction of the self and developing a meaningful future  199

Chapter 8 The search for meaning and reformulation of the self 200


Appendix A 229

Summary of signs and symptoms of the clinical picture of post traumatic stress disorder

Bibliography 248

A better gift for traumatised people is the workbook as “Putting together the pieces” is rather confronting for recently traumatised persons who have not worked through the workbook, or had any serious counselling.



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