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Publications by Francess Day, some with Dr Rowan Davidson, First WA Chief Psychiatrist include self-help books, papers for presentation at 1997 ESTSS published in and a 2009 Thesis  thus far.

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Having already published two books about recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Putting Together the Pieces (2002) and Put Together Your Own Life (2004), counsellor Francess Day has a wealth of experience, research, and qualifications to guide readers on their healing journey in a way that people can relate to. People are people so these are never out of date, other than EMDR rising to prominence since the 2004 publication. But that information is on the website

For over 40 years, she has provided individual, marriage and family counselling, specialising in PTSD and Relationship Therapy. In 2009, Francess achieved First-Class Honours in Psychology, in 2005, she completed the Imago Relationship Therapy qualification, and in 1989 she completed a degree in Behavioural Studies [incorporating Community & Organisational Psychology] Minor in Addiction Studies.

An engaging story of family patterns & Inter-generational PTSD & Domestic Violence, Coercive Control behaviours & their Impacts

You might also find the  online book Alida Gets Life of great help. This monthly Blog will enable the reader to recognise the signs of Inter-Generational Trauma, Domestic Violence or Coercive Control in their own, friends, clients and families’ lives and heal inherited traumas. It’s FREE because we are passionate about supporting people who want to learn about family patterns, Inter-generational Trauma, PTSD, Domestic Violence, Coercive Control and Relationships.

Learning by story-telling like the Aboriginal Australians do 🙂

By following Sophie’s journey of discovery, the reader will learn about family patterns and trauma in an entertaining and engaging way 🙂

3 Points of View are explicated as Sophie reveals the grandchild’s lived experience of her Opa’s controlling behaviours on herself, her mother, aunts, father and sisters. She and Opa’s daughter-in-law discuss a letter written by Opa’s older sister.

Part 2 reveals a lot about Alida’s husband, Opa. His sister’s letter describes his behaviour toward herself thus the reader begins to understand just how Alida could have been treated while living with Opa. It is clear how gas-lighting assisted him to commit the women in his life to a mental institution.

Recent domestic violence experienced by her granddaughter Sophie sheds light on what Alida probably experienced.  She shares memories triggered by media information in RN and 720ABC radio current research discussions with her trusted aunt Bea. This provides an up-to-date lived experience perspective of coercive control, physical, psychological, social and financial domestic violence.

She researches further on current-day developments of law, sentencing and policy to protect victims, and re-educate perpetrators.

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You might find the Self-help books a great gift for a family member, friend or client / work or study colleague 🙂

The Trauma Self Help Textbook: Putting together the pieces was recommended for University Student reading lists by a casual lecturer working at 3 of West Australia’s major universities. It is currently on the shelves of the major WA universities.

It is regularly ordered for an online private Counselling Skills training college based in QLD, and is also in most public libraries around Australia. If it is not available at your library, please recommend it using the order form and perhaps pass on the URL of this page to them.

This book is a great gift to support to family and friends of a traumatised person, who may be at a loss to understand the changes in their loved one.

Please view Family Feedback and Forewords on how it will help the natural support network, and general community members, helping professionals and general counsellors, social workers and psychologists.

Image of 'Putting together the pieces' - self help book

Trauma & PTSD Self Help Workbook chapters cover aspects of  a person’s life that need healing after trauma.

The  workbook infoTrauma & PTSD Self Help  Workbook Introduction can be read here for your convenience. Both the Introduction and the contents page give you a very detailed overview of how the Trauma & PTSD Self HelpWorkbook can help you heal after all kinds of traumatic incidents. The Trauma & PTSD Self Help Workbook can be used on its own, but we do encourage you to also seek counselling.

The Foreword of the Trauma & PTSD Self Help Workbook –“Put together your own life: recover and rebuild your own life” can be read at the bottom of this page.