Marriage, Couples, Family, general and trauma counselling

new beginingsMarriage, Couples, Family, general and trauma counselling is offered for Individuals, Couples, Siblings, and Parent-Child relationships including adults 82 and 63 years old respectively! Nobody is too old, and Imago therapy has been successful with brothers as young as a 9 year old with his 13 year old brother. Imagine having your FAMILY understand what is happening to you currently – no matter what psychological difficulties you are experiencing! Click here for how.

Has stress highlighted the cracks in your emotional health, or your relationship?

Improve your communication skills with some counselling and begin a great future.

People may participate either jointly or  individually in Marriage, Couples, Family, general and trauma counselling, which may include:

  • Counselling face to face, and via telephone counselling
  • Trauma Emotional First-aid / Debriefing and indepth therapy
  • Information & Support for family/friends, including self-help books to assist you and your family recover from trauma.

or Support Groups: click for more information.  A New Group commenced in 2017 @ 530-730pm in North Perth.

Register ASAP for a place in the next group.

Are you feeling that you are growing apart in your Relationships?

  • Learn the Skills to help you Continue growing your Love for each other throughout your Life.
  • How do you decide if this Relationship is going to work for you both?
  • PreMarital Preparation is the best insurance for divorce and worse still family and property division!
  • Repair Stressed Defacto, Married Couples, Homosexual couples & Parent-Child relationships with IMAGO THERAPY.

Is FIFO ruining your family relationships?

Marriage, Couples, Family, general and trauma counselling is provided by Broadening Horizons to give COUPLES, and ANY RELATIONSHIP skills to Understand and Communicate in a Safe way so that each person feels Heard, Understood and Respected. Imagine  BEING LOVED IN THE WAY THAT YOU NEED LOVE!? FIFO families have unique challenges which the counselling profession is only just starting to collate research on. Specialist FIFO Family’s  SUPPORT GROUPS   are a wonderful addition to your coping resources. Meet others who really understand what you are going through. More information is available on industry websites  and online services  but Imago relationship coaching gives you the skills to communicate your feelings and opinions and needs in a way that can be heard, understood, respected in a way that is more likely to be  responded to by other family members.

Other FIFO difficulties with anxiety, depression or alcohol can be overcome with our personal, private and practical  individual counselling, however IMAGO THERAPY as a couple is often more powerful.


The Counsellor’s role in providing Marriage, Couples, Family, general and trauma counselling is to:

  • Create a safe environment in which participants can start to explore emotions and begin to look at sensitive options
  • Empower the person to manage their recovery with information, and a means to express what is happening for them.
  • Flexibly  facilitate the participants’ movement through the process.
  • Monitor and evaluate individual’s threshold levels.

Costs are negotiable but no more than you would have to pay even with Medicare rebates or Health lnsurance.  Note: Couple & family therapy is not eligible for Medicare or many health fund rebates. Contact us and we will discuss with you how we can help with your Marriage, Couples, Family, general and trauma counselling needs!

What type of counselling will be used?

Theoretical approaches include: Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Logotherapy, Existential and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); plus EMDR [see schiller et al 2010 ] along with the other methods listed in “About Us” and see IMAGO Relationship counselling. Our services assist with all relationships be they couples, siblings, children, or ageing parents’ needs discussions.Elderly lady with helper

Many clients say how helpful it is to have a counsellor whose knowledge and understanding about trauma recovery comes from over 30 years of her own experiences. We share information in a relatable way that assists others to find ways to express what is happening to them & explore ways to manage.  Please view information about Self help  book and workbook. Please click on the link for more information about Traumatic Stress .

How much experience has the counsellor had?

Francess has provided Marriage Couples, Family, general and trauma counselling since 1996, but began working in the area 30 years ago beginning training and working with the Institute of Human Development (WA). Since that time she has completed a BA Psychology (1st Class Honours), 2009, Behavioural Studies, Health Education, 1989; researched and written a plain English book about Traumatic Stress in the mid-90’s; and in 2004, a self-help workbook [ self-help books]. Having completed half of  a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Francess can offer you a wide range of counselling approaches and techniques. For more information about Francess click on “About Us“.

TRAUMA SUPPORT & THERAPY GROUP:-  will open again soon.

Everyone recovers in an individual way and at their own pace, although many longer-term therapy group participants reported how useful it was to hear others and learn new recovery strategies to the ways they would normally rely on.  More information about anonymously provided group members’ feedback is available in the paper published in the HR Monthly Journal. October, 2000. Subsequent extensive research worldwide has shown that when you have the severe type of stress experienced after trauma, it often needs a little more help than what we usually do to cope with the general stressors of life. 

DEBRIEFING or PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID:- Groups of ‘helping’ professionals and other people working in services such as catering and community street patrols have benefited from debriefings which were based upon psychological first-aid. Not understanding or being able to express yourself is distressing. A benefit from having others normalise the reactions under the circumstances in a way that validates You is important. Additionally, the benefits of sharing what others do to cope, rather than being told what they should do has been highlighted by survivors of various traumas who have participated.


When Referring people for Marriage, Couples, Family, general and trauma counselling, we recommend that you introduce the idea as: “When you need to lift something very heavy, you ask somebody to help, don’t you?” (Get them to answer -yes) “Well then it makes sense to get additional support from people who have been through the process and now specialise in assisting people in a professional way, to clear the emotional load that has just landed on your plate and gets in the way of you doing your usual day to day things.”