About Broadening Horizons & Francess Day

Francess Day was a pioneer in community education about PTSD in the mid-90's. She set-up the first community-based support group for people recovering from traumatic stress; recruited participants using radio and written media, and facilitated the groups. Community TV station Access 31 created a 30 minute documentary where Francess Day spoke about PTSD. It was replayed a number of times over subsequent years and sold to organisations for training purposes. She also wrote articles for newspapers, organisation magazines; organised and presented at public forums, was interviewed on Ch 9 news for Mental Health week; and developed and provided training for all kinds of professionals around the state. She published her first self-help book "Putting together the pieces" (2002). The Support Groups still run when enough people can be gathered together.

The support groups developed into the current individual and family counselling services, critical incident debriefings for organisations and training in this area. From all this experience and ongoing training, Francess Day's self-help workbook “Put together your Own Life” was published in 2004.

Research illustrating the lived practice of trauma therapy by 22 experienced West Australian therapists from diverse professions earned Francess Day her 1st class Honours in Psychology in 2009. A copy of the thesis is available on this link:- Preview Thesis Abstract, and Extracts of the Findings and Summary.  The Research explored what experienced Trauma Therapists found most effective when working with trauma clients and the findings validate much of the  “Put together your Own Life” workbook  material.

Francess Day completed Intensive Training to provide Imago relationship counselling to couples and parent-child pairs, plus trauma and general counselling at a shared practice at 162 G Rokeby Rd, SUBIACO and Greenmount. Additionally, due to the housing crisis, Francess assisted women to secure temporary affordable shared accommodation.

Using the updated knowledge and skills from these studies and various other trainings detailed in the following CV, Francess can help you with most difficulties.

Frequent Questions also gives you  the range of fees which you will be asked to consider.
All fees are Negotiable, and are based on amounts that you would have to pay above the Health Insurance or Medicare rebates. Counselling for Couples & Family in Perth & Hills, WA is not eligible for Medicare rebates. It is only available with a Mental Illness diagnosis from a GP.

Francess has also trained other professionals statewide in trauma support courses as listed in the CV below: listing diverse experience and training.

In 1997, Francess Day presented a paper at the European Traumatic Stress Studies Conference. It was co-authored by Dr Rowan Davidson [inaugural Chief Psychiatrist] and published in HR Monthly in 2000. Francess has published in other journals about traumatic stress recovery. In the mid-90’s she gathered a diverse group of professionals to form the Traumatic Stress Recovery Association which provided many public forums, media releases and a little fold-out leaflet for emergency service personnel to hand to people funded by Lotterywest.


Francess Day is Director & Owner of Broadening Horizons Counselling, Specialist PTSD, EMDR & Imago Relationships Therapy, Book Publisher & Consultant Training, PTSD Report Writing and the Trauma Recovery Support Network


Nov, 2007:  B.A. PSYCHOLOGY (Edith Cowan University)

Sept 2009:   Psychology Honours (First Class)

Nov 1989:    B.A. BEHAVIOURAL STUDIES (Major); HEALTH STUDIES and ADDICTION STUDIES (Minor). WA College of Advanced Education now Edith Cowan University


1980-81 PHYSIOTHERAPY COURSE BSc. WA Institute of Technology now Curtin University

1983 SOCIOLOGY 121 (External Studies) WA Institute of Technology now Curtin University

1982-83 COUNSELLING COURSE + Worked as Counselling Agency Telephonist @ Institute Of Human Development for 2 years.

1994 Advanced Specialisation - (Extension Studies) REHABILITATION COUNSELLING Curtin University


2005 IMAGO RELATIONSHIP THERAPY 96 hour Training Course plus supervision & assessment (Imago Relationships International. Inc.)

2005 Motivational Interviewing: 2 day training with Prof. Ken Resnicow. Healthway Visiting Fellow. Aug. 1-2, 2005 ECU Churchlands.

2005 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT & TATS) one to one training with Kay Rosen (Trainer and Supervisor).

2006 Voice Dialogue training by Hal and Sidra Stone: Self paced study

2010 Masters in Clinical Psychology [Partial completion 1st year] (Curtin University)

2013  EMDR Training with Chris Lee and Graham Taylor

2014 Psychological First Aid (Red Cross)

2017 Advanced Schema Therapy Training with Chris Lee


Research Thesis illustrating the lived practice of trauma therapy by 22 experienced West Australian therapists from diverse professions earned Francess Day her 1st class Honours in Psychology in 2009.

"Framework using the Workbook to guide Trauma Recovery". National Conference of Social Workers “United We Stand”, Presentation – Nov. 19-21, 2006.

Youth Affairs Conference Presentation – Oct, 2006.

Drug and Alcohol Office’s “Beyond the Boundaries Symposium”, Presentation - Sept. 21-22, 2006.

Do you have a Framework to Guide Trauma Recovery for your clients? (The Professional Counsellor: 03/2005; pp. 8-9. A.I.P.C.)

Community Based Support Groups for People Affected by Traumatic Stress (Francess Day, Dr. Rowan Davidson). Presented at the 1997 European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Conference, in Holland, July 1997. (HR Monthly Journal. Oct., 2000)

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