Alida Gets Life

'Alida Gets Life' is our latest book

  • Do you want to understand your family better ?

  • Why do some family members do or say unhelpful things ?

  • Do you seem to choose the wrong person for relationships ?

  • Want to avoid becoming like your mother or father and other family patterns ?


Join Sophie’s journey of discovery, to follow how she puts together the pieces of her grandmother Alida’s life. With her aunt’s help, family patterns are identified, and healing influences discussed.

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Alida Gets Life – an engaging story of family patterns & Inter-generational PTSD & Domestic Violence, Coercive Control behaviours & their Impacts

"Alida Gets Life" allows Alida to have a voice and be known to as many people as possible, providing her healing and giving her life meaning. You will find out why this is so important as the story unfolds.
Sophie’s aunt Bea is the only living family member who has met Alida and answers many of Sophie’s questions in Part 1 - up to Ch 20. The reality of Alida’s trauma is so unjust, extreme and prolonged, that even Bea struggles to believe that her experiences with her mother-in-law’s family were real.

The story illustrates how devastating inter-generational trauma’s impact is upon families.

Skeletons come to life as Sophie observes five generations of Alida’s family and their behaviour patterns, allowing her (and us) to learn a lot about how us how inter-generational trauma ripples through families.

Part 2 will further explore family patterns and social issues surrounding Alida's detainment and the inter-generational PTSD influences on her family.

Recent domestic violence experienced by her granddaughter Sophie sheds light on what Alida probably experienced.  She shares memories triggered by media information in discussion with her trusted aunt Bea. This provides a lived experience perspective of coercive control, physical, psychological, social and financial domestic violence.

Part 2 reveals a lot about Alida's husband, Opa. His sister's letter describes his behaviour toward herself thus the reader begins to understand just how Alida could have been treated while living with Opa. It is clear how gas-lighting assisted him to commit the women in his life to a mental institution.


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The theme of Inter-generational trauma, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] and domestic violence takes on a 3D or Three-DIMENSIONAL PERSPECTIVE.

3 Points of View are explicated as Sophie reveals the grandchild's lived experience of her Opa's controlling behaviours on herself, her mother, aunts, father and sisters. She and Opa's daughter-in-law discuss the letter written by Opa's older sister. Thirdly, Sophie reveals how the family pattern repeated itself in her own experiences with DV.

She researches further on developments of law, sentencing and policy to protect victims, and re-educate perpetrators.

Research then focusses on the systematic covering up of PTSD/S, summarised in

Patients’ artwork
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It’s FREE because we are passionate about supporting people who want to learn about PTSS & lack of recognition or treatment of it, Inter-generational Trauma, Domestic Violence, Coercive Control, Family Patterns and Relationships.

Alida is the only name which has not been fictionalised to protect privacy of her family in putting together an account of her tragic life.

We want Alida to have a voice and be known to as many people as possible – to give her healing and life meaning. You will find out why this is so important as the story unfolds.

Learning by story-telling

By following Sophie’s journey of discovery, the reader will learn about family patterns and trauma impact in an entertaining and engaging way.

This will enable the reader to recognise the signs of PTSS & lack of recognition or treatment of it Inter-Generational Trauma, Domestic Violence or Coercive Control in their own, friends, clients and families' lives and heal inherited traumas.

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Author Francess Day

Perth Counselling, WA

Having already published two books about recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Putting Together the Pieces (2002) and Put Together Your Own Life (2004), counsellor Francess Day has a wealth of experience, research, and qualifications to guide readers on their healing journey in a way that people can relate to.

For almost 40 years, she has provided individual, marriage and family counselling, specialising in PTSD and Relationship Therapy. In 2009, Francess achieved First-Class Honours in Psychology, in 2005, she completed the Imago Relationship Therapy qualification, and in 1989 she Minored in Addiction Studies.