Cheerfulness as a depression treatment

Cheerfulness is worth a try

Cheerfulness is worth a try. If you’re feeling depressed, its hard to contemplate, however on a bad day, this quote grabbed my attention. ‘Good things may come on a moment’… It’s in Robert Burton’s book on Melancholie!

How to bring on an … 😊Injection of energy is outlined on a lovely podcast,-from-shakespeare-to-louis-armstrong/102874180 . Another sentence I heard on it highlights my approach to life :- French philosopher on importance of education: – Montaine wrote ‘surest sign of wisdom is a constant cheerfulness… always serene ‘like things above the moon’.

Yes, it might seem like you’re being invited to fly to the moon… but its worth listening to the podcast, if you’re struggling 😊

Cheerfulness research

The preamble on the website introduces it in this way.

‘In an era where every day seems to bring a fresh crisis, a new book looks at the subtle importance of ‘cheerfulness’, and how it has been a crucial yet overlooked part of the Western canon, spanning from the plays of Shakespeare to the songs of Louis Armstrong.’

All credit to: – RN ABC’s Lifematters program. It’s a great morning listen, especially when having a tough day!

Timothy Hampton, Professor of Comparative Literature and French at the University of California at Berkeley. Author of Cheerfulness: A Literary and Cultural History, published by Princeton University Press. Credits Phillip Adams, Presenter & Taryn Priadko, Producer

Podcasts provide me with so much education and up to date research findings, so whenever doing mundance things like housework, food preparation etc., I catch up. On the same issue, is another perspective from Guest: Sara Kuburic, existential psychotherapist and author, ‘It’s On Me’.

Its introduced in the following: –

‘We all have different versions of ourselves that we show to the world, whether that’s at work, with family, or with friends.

Connecting verbally with eye contact showing interest

But when it’s just you, alone in the dark, who are you? And if the answer isn’t clear, how do you begin to find your sense of self?’

Cheerfulness is most rewarded in the social environment

If it’s genuine and not over the top. Others love it when we leave them feeling better for having interacted with you.

A third podcast to try is :-  All in the Mind, the first of two episodes exploring introversion and extroversion.

Jessica Pan was a life-long shy introvert and for the most part she was happy with this aspect of her personality – until the loneliness crept in.

The benefits and downsides of each, how these traits impact our mental health and whether we change, if we want to.

Guest: Jessica Pan  Freelance journalist and author of Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come

More Information:

Presenter/Producer: Sana Qadar

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