Green vegetables impact relationships

Green vegetable Health Benefits to Couples

Green vegetable benefits include reduced stress, more energy, better memory and keep your body younger! Nearly half the people who reach the age of 85 in the US today have Alzheimer’s.  What would 11 more years of healthy brain function be worth to them and their families — versus being under 24/7 care and losing their independence?Countless global studies shine a light on the truth…Eating the right foods — and avoiding the wrong ones — can help you prevent, sometimes even reverse, most of the major chronic conditions of our times. From heart disease to type 2 diabetes…From obesity to autoimmune conditions…Your health is in your hands. (And at the end of your fork!)

Can eating one cup of green vegetables per day add 11 healthy years to your life?

Green vegetables
Green lemongrass makes great herbal tea & improves gut function

A 2017 study from Rush University involving 1,000 adults came to some stunning conclusions.The researchers found that people who ate just one serving of leafy greens per day (think spinach, kale, collard greens, and arugula) appeared 11 years younger in terms of their cognitive health when compared with those who rarely or never consumed green leafy vegetables. That means those who ate greens could think more clearly, remember details and names better, had less brain fog, and were more productive every day.

Imagine the reduced need for other stress management techniques

You’d have increased time being with your partner in the garden enjoying sunshine, the stress-reducing effects of it, the plants, birds and fresh air. Engage in practical yoga while attending to the garden, and communicating your plans and discovering fresh things ready to eat 🙂

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Green food for thought 🙂

And a positive communication topic on how to improve your marriage 🙂

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