Imago Therapy heals Anxiety, PTSD, Depression & many Psychological problems

Imago Therapy heals Anxiety, PTSD & many Psychological problems in addition to Relationship issues

Imago Therapy heals communication problems, and individual issues can also be addressed with needs explained and understood clearly and lovingly.

Rather than talking about strategies for traumatised persons to communicate or manage significant relationships, the ‘significant other’ is invited to attend the counselling so as to “assist the traumatised / anxious / depressed person’s recovery process”.

  • In-session activities create new habits and ways of communicating, thus you both get to practice really listening, acknowledging, clarifying meaning and empathising. Yes, we do ourself out of a job very quickly 🙂  
    Imago Therapy heals
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  • A safe experience of communicating and gaining a deeper understanding with your significant other has a powerful healing benefit, plus you both learn the process to take home!
  • Imago Therapy heals Anxiety, PTSD & many Psychological problems  by coaching and empowering you both to create this safety in the home environment acknowledging that the home and safety are major components of a recovering person’s life.
  • The difficulties or conflicts that clients traditionally avoid dealing with are dealt with in this safe manner with the counsellor holding both parties in safety.
  •  Trust, control, predictability and of course, safety, are the foundations to trauma recovery and are the focus of the IMAGO process – all of which is taught to you both for use at home.
  • The facilitation of such a safe environment and communication processes has been highly effective in assisting trauma recovery… both with couples and the significant mother and daughter / son relationships!
  • There is plenty more evidence of how Imago Therapy heals Anxiety, PTSD & many Psychological problems

Herman (1992): Healing occurs in ‘relationship’. Check out these Herman quotes about complex, long-term PTSD…… The sooner you get help, the less complicated it becomes.

What is so Special about this Imago Therapy heals Anxiety, PTSD & many Psychological problems?

  •  Imago Therapy heals Anxiety, Depression, PTSD & many Psychological problems by creating a Precious Experience with the significant other person as well as the counsellor.
  • Dialogue slows down communication:- Yourself and others truly hear what is being expressed; validate and empathise so as to discover new or deeper understandings of situations, reactions and problems.
    Imago Therapy heals
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  • Amazing clarification, insight and emotional healing !
  • SOLUTIONS and improvements become obvious  and you will hear your partner suggest the changes that you need from them.
  • Skills are learned to create the safe dialogues to give each person a voice! – to have needs heard. 
    Imago Therapy heals
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  • You learn great conflict management methods, thus create relationships and home environments that heal.
  • There have been so many examples of how Imago Therapy heals Anxiety, PTSD & many Psychological problems.
    • E.G., Group members: watched a mature mother and daughter in the group & gained insight into their own lives and the dynamics they wrestled with. The groups generally are especially important for isolated and alienated persons, however that particular group experienced some healing just by sharing the experience with the mother and daughter. Those whose mothers had passed on, or were distant geographically or emotionally – were able to speak at a level which could not be achieved with their own mothers.

As Judith Lewis Herman states:

“Recovery can take place only within the context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation.” (1992, p. 133)

Costs are negotiable but no more than you would have to pay even with Medicare rebates or Health lnsurance.

Phone 0417 997 016 or email us and we will discuss with you how we can address your needs!

Imagine having your FAMILY understand what is happening to you currently!

Imago Therapy heals
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