Trauma Self Help Book Family feedback

The following is an extract from a letter received soon after “Putting together the pieces: recovering and rebuilding and  life after trauma” was released in 2002:

“… We have come from being one of the closest families to being totally strangers. My relationship with my sister prior to this trauma was the best! We shared everything, did everything together, and really had a great honest relationship but most of all loved each other dearly. But now we even struggle to have a daily conversation with each other.

After hearing about posttraumatic stress, I wondered to myself if this is something that my sister may have been going through. After reading your book on putting together the pieces, something finally has made sense through all of this. I now have an understanding on the thoughts and processes she is going through, but most of all it touches on experiences the family may be going through. The book totally describes my sister’s reactions to life in general to a T. Its so on the ball it’s scary! The flashbacks, numbness, the lack of interest in life in general, but most severe in my sisters life is the way she has just totally disassociated with the people closest to her. At this stage in her life she cannot see just exactly what she has had in the past or what she may be losing in the future in regard to her relationships. This is the saddest part of all of this.

I would like to thank you though, for taking the courage to write this book and express your own experiences in life. It certainly has given me an insight to what feelings people that have experienced a traumatic time in their lives, are dealing with on a daily basis. But no matter how big or small the trauma was there is hope on putting it back together. It may take time, but it is worth the while in the long run.

After the time our family has had over the last 14 months it’s only now that my sister has started to share a few of her feelings with me. Yes it’s a baby step but it’s a step that I didn’t have a month ago and I’m blessed for that.

Thank you again”

The depth of this Trauma Self Help Book Family feedback has provided the answers to questions that people often have about whether the book will help them really understand their family member.

Foreword by the Retired Founding ‘Chief Psychiatrist’

In our society today there are few people whose lives have not been touched in some way by the experiences of trauma and the impact of having been a victim of crime. All too frequently despite what we now know about the devastation these experiences cause, the individual is expected to “get on” or “put it behind” them.

The very being of the person and the fabric of safety and freedom from overwhelming fear which is a normal part of living, has been attacked and shaken to the core.

Francess has had that experience, lived through that and undertaken the difficult journey, mostly alone, to rebuild her life and give meaning to her experiences.

Speaking from the heart and the mind she is bringing in these pages the compassionate help and support needed to assist other people in similar journeys of recovery. Her desire is that others should not have to undertake such journeys alone. Using her own experiences, professional wisdom and the experience of helping many others, she describes the wealth of supports and the important avenues to those supports now available.

In a solid understanding of the effects, she brings all of the ripple impacts on the families, carers and support networks to the point of best help and support that can be gained.

This book is to assist people with rebuilding their lives and reaching past the trauma to a life that regains meaning and freedom from overwhelming fear, even with the presence of that terrifying experience.

Dr Rowan Davidson

Dept. of Health, Western Australia

The Trauma Self Help Book Family feedback at the top of this page shows that the goals of the author and coach have indeed been achieved.

Foreword by Criminal Lawyer now a Magistrate

At a young age the author was subjected to a most horrific crime.

At the time, there was little understanding and no desire within the community to comprehend the effect that such a crime might have on the victim.

Francess battled for many years alone and without support to come to terms with what had happened to her and its effect upon her life.

In the end her bravery has won out.

She has been able to confront and defeat her own fears. She now assists others who have been subjected to similar trauma. She is well qualified to give that assistance.

This is an important book which will greatly assist other victims of crime and trauma to confront their fears, it is written in a way that will give both moral and practical support to victims.

Richard Bayly

Criminal Lawyer

The Trauma Self Help Book Family feedback shows that Mr Bayly’s beliefs have been achieved in the contents of “Putting together the pieces: recovering and rebuilding and  life after trauma” .