What good Imago Therapy looks like

Imago Therapy looks like a Great Relationship

Imago Therapy looks like 2 people connected in a deep way. Communicating in a way that is listenable to; clarifying, empathising and validating. Learn more about what all these big words mean in as little as 4-6 sessions. Yes, I mean it, but it takes a little commitment and practice 🙂

  • But if there are some serious issues to be worked through with my support, then I’m also available for the time it takes 🙂

We all wish for what good Imago Therapy looks like?


Imago Therapy looks like
Tender & caring both ways

Something like these pictures?

Imago Therapy looks like
Imago Therapy looks like this at the end

Imago Therapy looks like


A safe experience of communicating and gaining a deeper understanding with your significant other

… which has a powerful healing benefit, plus you both learn the process to take home!


Yes, we do ourself out of a job very quickly 🙂  But when the going gets tough… just book more sessions as needed 🙂 Being online now, makes it so much easier to find a mutually convenient time, wherever we are – no time or cost lost travelling 🙂

LGBTQ welcomes women, men. bisexual & trans-gender

LGBTQ are all welcome too

LGBTQ welcomes men. bisexual & trans-gender
LGBTQ welcomes men. bisexual & trans-gender

The photo on right shows how the Imago Coach or Counsellor might position themself, or there might be 3 single chairs at same height which can be moved easily as shown in my CONTACT page 🙂


So if you find yourselves doing way too much of the photo below, it just means that somebody isn’t listening as well as they could with just a few sessions, where the counsellor helps you both reach a healing point.

relationship conflict
Is there too much of this in your relationship?

During the Imago sessions with me online, we all agree to play the process by the rules like a tennis game…

here’s a sketch of the technicalities  and on the right, people doing it well with the counsellor holding the space safe 🙂

Imago Dialogue
Imago Dialogue Ideal
what is Imago Therapy
How Imago therapy makes communication work well with parent, child, & partner.





Look forward to meeting you online, which might start off like left, and result in nightly end of day chats like the last picture 🙂 🙂

Imago Therapy looks like
Imago Therapy looks like this at the end of MOST days 🙂
couples counselling online
Any Relationship counselling online

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