Addictions, Sleep, Self-confidence & Self Esteem Problems

Do you feel that alcohol or other addictions are starting to cause more problems than it solves in your life?

Many people start using alcohol socially, and then as a relaxant after a stressful day at work or to cope with home stressors. Some people turn to smoking or food as a source of comfort or distraction, or pleasure.  

No matter whether you are  experiencing  difficulties with Anxiety, Panic, Anger, Depression, Addictions, Sleep, Self-confidence, Self Esteem Problems, or Stress, Francess has experience in various methods to help you overcome these difficulties.

Addictions, Sleep, Self-confidence, Self Esteem Problems have very specific counselling approaches, but due to often having other causes, it may be important to treat the original problem first. This might include therapy for anxiety or depression, or even relationship counselling. At Broadening Horizons we discuss all the options with you and let you be the main decision maker, based on making enough information available to you. 

The most common difficulties we hear being talked about socially and amongst family members are Addictions, Sleep, Self-confidence, Self Esteem Problems. The quick-fix remedies sold to the public target these symptoms, however psychological counselling can help you manage and overcome the underlying problems. In the long run you will save more money by not having to buy all the quick-fix remedies.

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