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Currently I do alot of my counselling online, started by covid – but we found that it actually works better in some ways – which I was surprised about.

  • ☺ So now I’m offering an Online International English-speaking Counselling Service for rural, remote & world-wide, as well as city people
  • With my rural background, it’s been my passion to provide this service to rural & remote people, and now is the perfect opportunity.
  • We use Skype or Zoom or Facebook Messenger video which had to be the case due to covid in Australia.
  • To keep healthy and working, I have to do online like many people who don’t have time to get sick because already there’s not enough workers/professionals to meet the need. The good thing is that I offer after-hours service 
  • As a specialist in Relationships and Trauma [PTSS] Recovery & EMDR, Fibromyalgia, & other Chronic Conditions, with 40 years' experience, I assure you a high standard of effectiveness..

Relationship counselling is still face to face in the online method due to how the Imago Relationship Therapy process works.

  • Like a bystander tennis coach, I guide you both through the process as if I was far away like I am, but actually we're closer - with us all on screen within focussed sight ☺
  • The important thing is for you both to look at each other, not me that much ☺ ☺ Of course you can face me to start with, and as necessary ☺


  1. Online EMDR occurs with my long-standing clients who return as needed for another layer of the metaphorical onion peeling off layers. When much younger, they often dip in and out as they navigate their way thro’ dating, till happily settled in a relationship and career and all the traumas healed 🙂
  2. It's easier when you who’ve broken the back of the core issues and are confident/committed to the process, able to handle emotional reactions… you will be just fine online 🙂
  • so if you're still thinking about contacting, best to get started before end June 🙂
  • If you contact after July 4, it'll just be online again. Please email to arrange a time. When we start the EMDR process, we can arrange for you to have a support person in the house/flat where you live till you are confident as in point 2. above 🙂

My role is to continue to do the hardest work = the brainwork of establishing the right Image, Positive & Neg beliefs and watch you & analyse the material that emerges; managing the process.

Please send me a message via this private email. The details you enter are only ever used to reply to your request.

  • If you don’t live in Australia, I'll email you an Internationally fee-free BSB & Account to pay for books or Consultations.
  • Australians will get my normal BSB & Account details ☺

Any more questions… happy to discuss via email or FB messages. Not on FB as much as email though, so best to email 🙂

Please reply to my reply so I know you got my response to your message – even if you put just a smiley face ☺

  • The details you enter are only ever used to reply to your request.
  • Please check the "Q & A's" page for prices, times, contract etc.

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