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How Stressed are You?

This little quiz will give you a free check in.

Does it look like you could do with some Coaching before you launch into the New Year full steam?

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Cure from what? Here’s a few 🙁

Stress causes both physical and emotional problems, (e.g., anxiety, loss of concentration, fatigue, sleeping difficulties and irritability). Unfortunately many people handle stress with the use of drugs (alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs). All kinds of physical conditions that already exist (e.g., irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, dermatitis or depression) may worsen.

stress disordersStress is a normal bodily reaction to common stressors (e.g., injury, relationship breakdown, other personal conflicts, loss of a loved one, work interpersonal conflict, over work, performance pressures or review meetings, unemployment or retirement, moving house, personal financial pressures). Many stressors accumulate and are not noticed until physical symptoms require attention and your GP points out that stress is a possible cause. They may refer you for counselling as well as physical remedies.

When there is a crisis, or many stressors hit at the same time, the excessive stress can be alleviated with a variety of psychological stress management methods that will alleviate the impact on your body, but also help you with practical coping strategies to enable you to make better decisions because they have been well thought out. In a crisis, it is hard to think of the longer-term, or for others the future consequences overwhelm you and you cannot see the opportunities in the current situation. Counsellors assist you to problem-solve so as to make the best decisions. Phone or email me now to arrange an appointment.

Why don’t the Methods You’ve learned about Work for You?

1. Has an individual appraisal of your personality and particular lifestyle needs been conducted?stress quads Check out this Research Review of the effectiveness of  stress management programs.

2. Have your family background and current circumstances been explored?

3. Motivation, manifestation and consequences all need to be determined too.

4. Horses for courses. Which approach appeals to you most? Your likes and dislikes count – alot!    Some descriptions are coming soon.

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How Stressed are You?

This little quiz will give you a free check in.

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