Couple Counselling, Perth, WA.

Couple Counselling, Perth, WA is provided by Broadening Horizons to ENABLE COUPLES, and ANY RELATIONSHIP to Understand and Communicate in a Safe way so that each individual feels heard, Understood and Respected. Using Imago Therapy:  BE LOVED IN THE WAY THAT YOU NEED LOVE!

Would you like to Communicate Better?

Learn Skills to help you Continue nurturing Love for each other throughout your Life. The most common issue which brings couples to counselling is a communication breakdown. In Mental Health week, our attention is brought to causes, prevention and cure. Mental Illness like depression and anxiety can occur when somebody is regularly not listened to, especially when they really feel the need. Imago teaches you a simple method to practice to improve your relationship communication with so many benefits. If it is not addressed soon enough, other problems as bad as an extra-marital affair can  occur. It is still possible to heal and strengthen the relationship after such hurt and pain, but it makes sense to get help long before such a traumatic form of communication occurs, don’t you agree!  Email us today for an appointment in this weekhappy mature couple

Decide if this Relationship is going to work

  • Perfect for PreMarital Preparation  –  reduce divorce possibility
  • Repairing Stressed Relationships with Defacto, Married Couples, Homosexual couples & Parent-Child relationships

Is it possible to be how we were in the beginning?

Couple Counselling can show you how to reactivate some of the Romance and Fun of those early days and years of your relationship. As you know, the initial excitement and attractions of your partner fades after a few years. This is really because the effort fades, and we put our focus and energy into other things.  Imagine enjoying each other like you first did – again now?marriage decision 115117519

Is it true that your Small Business can Ruin your Marriage?

It can make or break the Marriage. The 2 roles that each person needs to swap between can be a great challenge. Often “the boss” forgets to leave that ‘hat’ on the work desk. The dinner and even bed conversation is dominated by business discussions, and Couples contact me feeling that the marriage has failed.

Often one becomes closer to external friends or staff, and affairs have been the catalyst for marriage counselling.

Investing in some Marriage Coaching and  Professional Coaching if needed; will assure you of a Happier and More Successful Marriage and Business.

How do you cope with the Impact of FIFO on Family Relationships?

FIFO families have unique challenges which the counselling profession is only starting to collate research on.  Imago relationship coaching gives you the specific personal skills you need to communicate your feelings and opinions and needs in a way that can be heard, understood, respected in a way that is more likely to be  responded to by other family members.  Everyone needs a customised approach, tailored to your combination of strengths and weaknesses.

Are you feeling uncertain about beginning a relationship with a particular person? couple_250

Handy hints learned from so many people’s common painful experiences.

WISDOM IN FORESIGHT – are you willing to look?

However, problems do arise  [see list in Does this sound like You or the other person? ]

How trauma affects relationships

Often people suffering PTSD withdraw  socially, have less emotional expression and may even have anger outbursts, depression or extreme anxiety or panic.  If you one of your family has PTSD; you don’t need me to tell you this – what you want is help for your family member. I have alot of experience in working with PTSD both with families and individuals.  Please see  EMDR and IMAGO heals PTSD.

A TRAUMA SUPPORT & THERAPY GROUP will recommence online when 6-8 people register. Around 8 sessions run for the 2 hrs between 530 and 730pm. Either the person recovering from trauma or the partner are welcome in this group.

Register ASAP for individual session first – you might be lucky to join in.  The individual session is for you to tell me what you need to, and us both to then assess whether the group is the right option for you at the moment.

When Separation seems to be the best option.

Imagine being one of those families who manage the process in a kind, respectful, caring way. The impact on your family and friends can be positive admiration instead of the avoidance and pain that is too often associated with separation. By sorting through all these issues in counselling first, it will cost you less once you get to the official stage – and you will be a lot happier as a family.

We can help you with Mediation to resolve disputes about property, childcare and other issues in a respectful and eventually healing way. Letting pain and hurt turn into anger and legal action only causes more  painful damage especially to your children who need their parents to at least work together in parenting cooperatively. If at least one party is happier about separating, all that the children want in compensation for a broken family is no more  conflict. This is good modelling for their future relationship choices and development.  Check out an exact comparison of costs and timings for using mediation or using the court system. Learn more about Mediation.

Separation doesn’t have to be a War

Come and share your feelings in a safe, healing way, first.

Imagine being one of those families who manage the process in a kind, respectful, caring way.

The impact on your family and friends can be positive admiration instead of the avoidance and pain that is too often associated with separation.


Since commencing the Imago Therapy training at the beginning of 2005, Francess has experienced great success in counselling all kinds of relationships to better understand and communicate with each other. After completing the formal qualification process, and assisting a wide variety of relationships with all kinds of difficulties, Francess has become  more innovative with this tremendously empowering process.

What Age Child – Parent Relationships does it work with?

Never too old…. my first mother-daughter clients were 82 and 63 year old.!   What a break-through and a whole new level of understanding and care for each other. Dept. of Child Protection clients as young as 9 and 13 year old learned about each other’s differences and how to respect and appreciate the other despite their differences [eldest had sub-clinical Aspergers]. I helped a mother break the news to her 9 year old daughter that she was leaving a 10 year  old lesbian relationship. The discussion addressed reasons why and how shared parenting and living arrangements would be; along with empathising with the daughter’s  feelings and questions.  You can have customised coaching based on Internationally recognised training almost immediately. Contact us TODAY

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Couple Counselling Locations in & near Perth, WA

Couple Counselling, Perth, WA was available in Subiaco and  the Hills near Midland area, but now only online.

The skills you develop strengthen your confidence and your relationship. IMAGO counselling enables you to learn the skills to continue to make sense of your relationship manage conflict, improve intimacy and personal growth so as to have an increasingly fulfilling, happy relationships which are what we all dream of!

IMAGO differs from other types of counselling where the counsellor maintains a role of “expert”: listens and umpires and advises what each should do. IMAGO Therapy is an Emotion Focussed Therapy where the counsellor facilitates your understanding of your own and your partner’s emotions, reactions and needs. We coach you to discover and create solutions between you so that you can continue doing this after counselling is completed.  Learn more about Imago below.

Most people don’t like to be told what to do. Adults learn by doing and discovering their own wisdom and expertise. We also have defenses that kick in if we detect any blame or shame. This is even more challenging when a CHILD, no matter how old – wants a parent to hear the child’s needs. Unfortunately, the younger CHILD resorts to “acting out”, and Adult Children often just move away and avoid the parent.  You can build strong bonds of understanding and empathy with all members of your family in only a few sessions of Imago Therapy.

Is your Teenager and Parent your best Friend?

Imagine YOU as a PARENT having skills in being able to create a healing conversation with your CHILD, TEENAGER or ADULT CHILD about things you feel unhappy about.

IMAGO therapy assists you to become the experts in your relationship, where you want to offer your own ways of helping each other feel better loved – in the way that the other needs rather than what we think they want or need. Nobody is right or wrong! We all work together to overcome problems.

The challenge is to become an expert at creating safe, positive and supportive ways of talking together and IMAGO therapy gives you those skills and knowledge. Check out the following links if you need to read more before phoning 0417 997 016 to book for Couple Counselling, Perth, WA. Alternatively you could email us via our Contact Us page.

Couple Counselling is not eligible for Medicare rebates

Even though relationship issues often cause  mental illness which is eligible for Medicare rebates, the APS advises that  audits often target the use of Medicare funds for relationship therapy. So you can be sure that many psychologists will be inflexible in adhering to the Medicare guidelines.

On the positive side, the investment in your family relationships will save much greater costs such as emotional strain, problem behaviours in children or partners or worst of all; legal costs from marriage breakdown – with all the extra costs of therapy for children suffering from family breakdown and the resultant lowered standard of living. Plus the communication skills that you learn are transferable to your work communications, so you can claim the cost of this learning in the self-education category of your tax return.

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