Francess Day’s Curriculum Vitae

Counsellor, book author & marriage, family & couples therapist Francess Day’s resume gives you the breadth of her  experience both voluntary and professional.

Francess Day
Specialist in EMDR, PTSS & Relationships


  • May 2002 Putting together the pieces; recovering and rebuilding life after trauma. Published by Broadening Horizons. 260 pages.   ISBN 0 9580102 0 X
  • July 2004 Put together Your Own Life: recovering and rebuilding life after trauma. Published by Broadening Horizons. 130 pages.  ISBN 0-9580102-8
  • May 12 2017 Alida Gets Life landing page:-


  • Australian Psychologists Society (Assoc. Member)
  • Australian Imago Relationship Therapists Association (Qualified Member)

Previous Boards/ Committees

  • Australian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (WA Chapter Co-Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Australian Institute of Management — Women in Management (Board Member)
  • Perth West Domestic Violence Action Group (Committee Member)
  • Traumatic Stress Recovery Assoc. Founder & President


Diverse work history has enabled me to relate to a large cross section of people / organisations and age groups  as a Counsellor, consultant trainer, book author & marriage, family & couples therapist. I readily understand and identify a broad range of needs/ issues from the following experiences:

  • 2005- Current: Relationship Counsellor: with couples, mother-daughters, father-sons, and between PTSD Support Group members. PTSD specialist counsellor, EMDR
  • 2010: Completed 5 units of Masters in Clinical Psychology
  • 2006-9: Completed another psychology degree and Research illustrating the lived practice of trauma therapy by 22 experienced West Australian therapists from diverse professions – 1st class Honours in Psychology.
  • 1996- Current:  Trauma PTSD specialist & General individual therapy Counsellor and
          • Facilitator – Community-based Support Groups for people recovering from traumatic stress, depression, anxiety etc.
  • 1996- Current: Managing PTSD in clients/peers/ ourself – Courses provided to women’s refuge, ambulance, nurses, educational personnel and a wide range of other professions.
  • 1999- Current:   Emotional First aid / Critical Incident Stress Debriefing provider and Trainer for organisations, family & individuals.
  • 2000 – Current: Design, promotion and facilitation of Public & In-house PD courses:  How to Facilitate Trauma Recovery & Using a Workbook; 3-day Emotional First Aid program, Understanding PTSD from a lived experience & decades of study; 2-day Managing Violent / aggressive persons and incidents. Conflict Resolution, General Stress Management, Managing Traumatic Stress for a wide range of service providers E.g., Kununurra, Broome Maar Mooditj Aboriginal Health Worker Diploma students, Derby, Meekatharra and Kalamunda Hospital staff, Social Workers from WA in Perth.
  • 2006-7 Locum – Family Support Worker/ Counsellor: ARAFMI
  • 2006 – Group Facilitator / Assessor for Relationships Aust. (3mth contract)
  • 2003 Invited by Senator Andrew Murray to be the Counsellor at the Senate Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Institutional Care. November. Perth. Follow up counselling provided to a number of participants.
  • 2002- Nov. 2005:   Trainer / Assessor – developed tutoring style training program utilising study-at-home learning materials with individual mentoring and coaching, for Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training BSZ40198 and Certificate II & III in Security (Guarding) PRS98 (Ceased 30/6/04)
  •  2000. Implementation of Traineeship Training as RTO and ‘New Apprenticeship Centre’ sub-contract with CMC TAFE. 70 two year traineeships in Certificate II & III in Security. Employed and managed additional staff and trainers.
  • 1999 Accreditation preparation successfully completed for short course to Manage Violent/Aggressive Persons & Incidents. Facilitated for Local Govt. Security Officers and CSTC personnel (refuge & youth workers, community service type workers) and hospital personnel.
  • 1999 – Became the Sole Director of the Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • 2000-2004 Employed and managed up to 6 staff and their Job Descriptions. Ceased Registered Training Organisation(RTO) 31/12/04.
  • 1999-01 Reviewed CSTC workbook and developed training module in Critical Incident Debriefing. Facilitated the training of the module: part of Certificate III in Family & Community Support. (Family & Children’s Services)
  • 1995-02 Designed and facilitated specialist Security Officer communication and conflict resolution skills training. Customised for Aboriginal Patrol workers in country regions. Assisted set-up of their own company. Facilitated in Northbridge, Broome, Kalgoorlie and Meekatharra and a short TAFE course for 3 “Aboriginal Patrol Groups” in metropolitan area.1995-02 Also facilitated Manage Aggression and Understanding Traumatic Stress Workshops for CSTC SAAP staff state-wide and Mining Security/OHS staff.
  • 1997- 9 Invited to set up Registered Training Organisation in a partnership. State-wide security training funded by Dept. of Education and Training.
  • 1996 Practical Conflict Resolution Workshop mediator/coach role Designed for groups/organisations with issues to resolve.
  • 1995 Designed and Facilitated Training for community nurses (Silver Chain) to Manage Violence & Aggression. Assessed & Evaluated Training with further Needs Analysis and Development of final training course for accreditation. Market research and Promotion of new course.
  • 1994 – 7 Research and writing first book  in consultation with Dr Rowan Davidson (then Head of RPH Psychiatry Dept.) Casual in-home respite care work for families with Cerebral Palsy Association. Carer for adults with disabilities in independent living and elderly in-home and in care.
  • 1993 Insurance PTSD claim investigation – statements and report writing.
  • 1992 Contracted to Assess Training Needs and Design Training course for Long Term Unemployed people and Implement the Programs under Tender. First course to train people to be Care-givers to the Elderly/people with disabilities and involved extensive liaison, negotiation of contracts with service providers for work experience, class site visits and finally job placement (100% success rate). Interviewed and selected applicants supplied by Innaloo Commonwealth Employment Services.
  • 1991-92 Recreation Network: Project Management of Community Based recreation program for disabled people. Negotiation with community organisations, interviewed for, and Monitored partnerships.
  • 1990-1 Assessment, identification and defining solutions to various organisational problems of a manufacturing company.
  • 1988 – 9 Study + casual Physiotherapy Assistant at Rowethorpe Nursing Home and self-employed Private Maths Tutor for all ages.
  • 1986 – 8 Residential Youth-worker: medium-term supported accommodation.
  • 1983-6 Farming -15 month Agricultural Exchange around the world 1985-6.
  • 1982-3 Telephonist, trainee counsellor and Group Training Assistant with the Institute of Human Development.


Experience has shown that a Counsellor, book author & marriage, family & couples therapist’s work reflects our personal life experiences outside of the work environment. The following shows diversity and extensive practical skill development from an early age.

  • My family of origin is strongly active in community work, and I began formally volunteering at 15 years of age at the Cerebral Palsy Association in 1977. My involvement lingered into the early 1980’s, and 1994-7 I worked as an in-home carer.
  • During my physiotherapy studies I was a Student Representative for both the Student Guild and the Education Board. On my return from an agricultural exchange program (1986), I became involved with YACCOM and training development.
  • In 1990, I was the first female to be elected President of the Action Outdoors Association after coordinating the ‘Schedule of Events’ magazine the previous year.
  • In 1996, I initiated, organised, promoted on radio interviews and print media, and facilitated Perth’s first Community Based Support Groups and Information Forums for people affected by Traumatic Stress. The problem of funding motivated me to organise the formation and facilitation of the Traumatic Stress Recovery Association (1998), for which I was President/Secretary for 6 years.
  • The Traumatic Stress Support services are still provided without funding, through my business Broadening Horizons.

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