Turning Gaming into therapy & Gamers to alternatives

Gaming device helps adventure junkie as a recovery remedy.

He developed a program to feed his addiction 😊but in the process has a new safer way to get the same effects without further injury.

If he’s never going to be able to do the original activity due a new level of physical ability, then he’s also facilitated his ‘adjustment’ to a different life or just to limit seeking increasingly risky activities.

How about reversing this?

Making GAMERS only allowed to game while on the exercise bike!

exercise bike & screen – what are we treating?

Continue the chosen activity in a new setting. But in the process, learn another way to relieve psychological factors which drive them to gaming addiction. So, then it would be much easier to transition to develop other coping strategies which will make it easier to reduce game time, but achieve exactly what gaming prevents – exercise, fresh air, sunlight and so much more.

A company which has addressed gaming addiction in youth uses real adventure therapy!

Yes, exactly what I thought – reverse the mirror exactly! 😊

As a residential youth worker, we used to take the young people on adventure activities just to get them out exercising and doing fun…

What we discovered was that it helped with their socialization skills and their self-confidence and plenty of other problems that they were trying to recover from.

It gave the young people teamwork and Communication Skills because of the dangerous situation where it was necessary to talk and work has a team. Negotiating challenging activities required the same skills, plus problem-solving and many other skills while having a fun weekend away that needed preparing their own things, food and increasingly, other roles e.g., bringing friends!

How to have therapy without knowing you are getting it.

That was my motivation for taking them with the adventure expert.

Isn’t doing challenging and exciting games a great conduit to Adventure therapy 😊 The company who is providing assistance to gamers has not addressed how to make the transition to their alternative activities which also include: – Learn how to meditate or do yoga. Try working out or go for a challenging hike. Creative expression is also a stress-buster. Draw, paint, write, play music, or enjoy any other screen-free hobby.

They have invited people to attend therapy which I guess might address how to bridge the link, but those of us who have worked with young people know that half the barrier is getting them to go and get help, especially from somebody older.

So, although I am not a fan of AI; I am keen on the adage “if you can’t beat them join them”… in a compromise of course 😊

Bridging the gap is so important and using our problem-solving skills to find the bridge might mean that you do need to book an appointment so that I can help find the bridge for each unique person with their unique personality, interpersonal dynamics, background, and interests.

I do online video sessions so that might be a way that suits the current generations preference to consult technology for almost everything.

😊 Learn more about the way the innovative program was developed, and gaming people please develop software that encourages other gaming people to learn what drives them and how to take control in the new ways… perhaps a bike with their favourites first.  This guy would help you with the fine detail of linking up with the bike.

Keeping motivated to exercise can be difficult, but for people getting over a traumatic brain injury it’s even more so. Exercise can either set them back, or promote recovery, so Sydney’s Liverpool Hospital developed a program using gaming to spur on these patients.

Host: Shelby Traynor


Bilal El Jamal

Participant and user of the game

Kavya Pilli

Lead investigator for the research trial

Senior brain injury physiotherapist, Liverpool Hospital

Dr Gough Lui

Research Support Program Fellow

MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development
Western Sydney University

Biomedical Engineer-in-Residence, Liverpool Hospital

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