Licorice or Liquorice can kill you

Licorice or Liquorice suppliers need to have warning signs

Licorice is either loved or hated by people & spelt Liquorice in Australia. The reality is – it can be extremely dangerous – even drinking a few cups of Liquorice tea for more than a month could KILL YOU especially if you have any weakness in your heart.  Lucky for me, my heart is strong, so when I added the Physer vaccine number 2 only 2 days short of a month, it acted like the “stress test” which I’d asked my GP to organise.

In the month, preceding my 2nd Vax I’d noticed my feet swelling. But after the 2nd Vax on 12 Oct, my feet were


Dangers of Licorice / Liquorice Tea sold in Bulk Food Stores – need 3 Red Dots Warning on the sign – Google it please

blowing up like balloons just like my parent’s feet as they both died from a congestive heart condition.  I had a phone consult with the doctor on 14 Oct, who then arranged an in-person appointment for the following Monday.

That doctor who saw me gave me a script to have comprehensive blood analysis. I just couldn’t make it to the laboratory that afternoon as I had another appointment with my Bodytalk Healer and was exhausted from the drive in city-traffic to avoid COVID potential contacts. People breaking our borders for the corporate Grand Final and other people who have no regard for people who are vulnerable.

It was fortunate that I have an auto-immune condition [Fibromyalgia] and was already in communication with my GP about the risk of bad side-effects. Nearly not fast enough! It was Mum’s birthday, Oct 20th before I got round to doing the blood test at the local Hospital who advised me that they could still do it with a different laboratory form. This was fortunate as my car’s EV battery had problems and I had to wait for the amazing chap who converted my 33yo Honda Prelude to an EV to come after work. He was waiting to get some parts to revive the electricity supply battery. Little did we know it at that time, that my body was having the same problem.

Learn more about Licorice or Liquorice

Yes, liquorice was preventing 1. the potassium getting into the blood, something to do with Beta-blockers. Learn more And outlines nice and clearly the pros and cons of Licorice tea drinking.

2  We need to check everything, no matter how yummy, especially when the wonderful bulk foods don’t have signs warning that licorice can quite quickly kill you.

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