Autumn Destress Retreat will revitalise you

 Autumn Destress Retreat to learn to relax


Immerse yourself with relaxation techniques which keep your body and mind well-tuned for the demands of your life. The aim is that you will then take something into your regular timetable to Learn to pace yourself.

One third of the year has flown by.

Time to destress and rejuvenate for a creative productive middle third of the year.


Have you established regular destress and rejuvenate activities into your weekly schedule?

Your selfcare is the most important thing to program into your week.  It will enhance everything else that you do. As you know, if it’s not in the diary, it won’t happen.


Something Special at this Retreat

On the Sunday, we will have one of the only workshops to be offered in 2018.

You will learn and practice ‘ Tension Release Exercises

Autumn Destress Retreat

Autumn Destress Retreat

[TRE]’ with Tony Fitzgerald. People with Chronic Fatigue or Pain, and Fibromyalgia find it a gentle alternative to Yoga – myself included 😊


Another Bonus for this Autumn Destress Retreat

Come n Try is our aim, so Kim March will be available for you to sample a scan which identifies blockages or distortions in your energy flow – if you would like to 😊 All natural, non-invasive technology.


Autumn Destress Retreat Yoga, Meditation and Oil sampling

These foundation activities will still be offered for you to experience relaxation and fun adding oils of your choice to a cream or spray.  All included in the price, along with healthy food, your own bedroom, plus a gentle walk in bush park with kanagaroos, birds and panoramic sunset vistas 🙂

Autumn Destress Retreat Yoga

Autumn Destress Retreat Yoga


Do you know somebody who needs an Affordable Destress Weekend away?

We offer concessional rates to people on healthcare cards because everyone deserves to access the peace and enjoyment of these boutique retreats.

If you bring a friend, you will get a $40 discount 😊

Complete the Contact form

All Inclusive $150

Communication problems need nipping in the bud quick

Communication problems can be solved easily  🙂

Communication problems can escalate into major conflicts if not addressed in the early stages. Imago therapy equips you with skills that make your communication easy, effective and pleasurable.

Imagine all your communication problems replaced in only a few sessions where you are coached to become really good at effective communication!

How is your listening?

Do you just sit there quietly waiting to for the other to stop speaking so you can give your view, some advice or walk off without a word?

Good listening is active, where we give feedback to the speaker that lets them know how we’ve understood it. If we are really good, we also acknowledge how things makes sense that the speaker feels or thinks the way that they do.

How good are you at giving Empathy?

Communication problems often have only one thing missing. Empathy is different to sympathy.

Communication problems

She looks understood

How would you like to feel understood by your partner, parent, child in every discussion – no matter how difficult the subject is?

Do others feel like you understand their FEELINGS?

Yes, that’s the key ingredient  🙂

We will coach you how to do this essential skill.  It’s hard to do in a conflict situation, so why not practice when sharing nice things?

During the coaching sessions we deal with the core issues – hot potatoes  🙂

What if we Disagree?

Can you agree to disagree?  If you learn the above skills – it will be easy to see it from their perspective.  Often it’s the interesting different strengths that attract you to a person… but what happens?

Do we mention ‘power struggles’?

More likely it’s a person feeling that their needs aren’t being met that blocks their ability to put themselves in the other’s shoes.  So if we can help you with these communication skills – we can make your marriage and other

Communication problems

Admiring other’s differences

relationships exciting again.

Ph 0417 997 016 today to book an appointment


Then reward yourselves with an affordable get-away in the hills next to National Park only 30km from Perth CBD

Family patterns can help or hinder you – learn more here

Family patterns are important to understand

Family patterns can help you in your future relationships when there is a history of healthy relationships between couples, and parents with their children.  But what if they are not and you are trying to change some automatic reactions that you’ve learned?

Change your family patterns

Family patterns

Family patterns

Imago therapy coaches couples, and parents with children to communicate in such a way, that each person understands how the family traditional way impacts upon the other person.

When we understand the emotional impact on those that we love, and hear what their wish is – we can see really easily how to modify our response in certain situations. We can propose to start training ourself to do things differently from now on. When both know what the proposed change is – they can both support and help each other to take charge of your own relationship.

Learn to Recognise Family patterns

An online book showing how family patterns appear even without generations having met each other is about to be launched – check out facebook page Alida Gets Life. An aunt’s behavioural reactions are mirrored by a niece on the other side of the world – even before the niece knew of the aunt’s existence.

At this stage, please join the page. You will be the first to find out when a special landing page is available for you to complete a free subscription:-)

Family patterns

Family patterns

History repeats itself

Unless we recognise and take charge of how we live, communicate and think, we can unconsciously just do the same as previous generations. So we need to understand what’s happening first.  When reading or hearing about another family’s patterns sometimes we see it in our own family.


When subscribers receive their monthly chapter…

You will be emailed the chapter which will have some questions to think about… it’s up to you.  Ph 0417 997 016 if you need any help 🙂

Come Learn Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions is called TRE

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions will be taught and practised at this relaxing TRE workshop which will run from 10.30 to 3pm  on Sunday May 6, 2018

You will learn about the TRE and nervous system, along with some other calming and regulating techniques for fight, flight and freeze regulation in two sessions of 1.5 hours maximum each.

There will be a healthy lunch provided during a 1 hour break [1230-130pm] in which you can also have a nap if you need😊

However, during the sessions, you will be practising the relaxation and recovery techniques, so you should feel rejuvenated after each session as that is the aim 😊

Morning & afternoon herbal teas or simple coffee/nature’s cuppa fruit & nuts will also be provided…. All for $40 to cover costs.


Please register for Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions workshop via and I will supply the bank details for you to secure your place.

TRE position

TRE position

The 8 places filled within 2 weeks of announcing our workshop in Nov, 2017…so registrations will close 9 March 2018.

 2 places are already taken

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions Facilitator

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Tony Fitzgerald (PhD in Medical Physics). Here is Tony’s intro about himself 🙂
I have over 20 years’ experience in medical physics, working in this science based area supporting advances in technology and techniques in the medical field. The last 10 years I have been learning and experiencing body based work, as a massage therapist and TRE facilitator which has helped me develop more intuition and self-connection. I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue first hand for years, and know what it’s like to take days to get over physical exertion. Like many others, I’ve had to quit my job and take months off work. With my training and body-based experience I am so very grateful to be fully recovered from CFS, and happily entertain my 2 small children (aged 10 months and 4 years), surf, kitesurf and still have energy to run my own business and enjoy life and adventures with my gorgeous wife. I am now studying why and how people recover from chronic conditions like CFS/ME and seeking to be a leader in this area sharing the latest body based methods with people who will value it in their own recovery.

More info at

Proposed Menu

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions Healthy Food

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions Healthy Food

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions  Lunch

Quinoa, Lentil, chick, green, yellow pea salads & garden fresh greens & tomatoes

with side herbs, spices & oil

Bread, Basmati Rice available if you need

salad –  Tomatoes, spinach, silverbeet carrot, celery [Side oil dressing with oregano]

Nuts – almonds and cashews

Fruit in season

Valentine’s Purpose is to remind us to Re-Romantise regularly

Valentine’s Purpose is to Cultivate Romance

Valentine’s Purpose is to create an opportunity to rekindle the Romance that brought you together to the point of deciding to commit to each other. Research has shown that within 2 years, most couples’ romantic behaviours have decreased – some say disappeared. Oops, what is holding the relationship together now?

Lost that Loving Feeling?

Imago Therapy focuses on Valentine’s Purpose which is rekindling Romance 🙂 We give you wonderful homework that often is what transforms a relationship soon after the first session! But they say it takes 66 days practice to establish a new habit – or get rid of the bad ones. We used to estimate 21 days… but hey, if it’s nice it’s got to be an improvement.  We take you back to the beginning… what was it that attracted you to each other?

Valentine's Purpose

Valentine’s Purpose

Reminiscing the Romance

It might be just the tonic that will boost your relationship again. Try sharing with each other what attracted you to the other – whilst you share a simple meal in a special place like the beach at sunset. The weather is going to be magic for that on Valentine’s Day!


Relationship Vision

We have a career and organisational ‘vision’ and ‘mission statement’… why not your relationship?

When we know where we stand in relation to each other and what our purpose is to each other, we feel secure and our actions or words can spring from those intentions. Here’s something else new to discuss on this romantic time together alone on Valentine’s Day 🙂

How did your Valentine’s Day go?

Valentine's Purpose

Valentine’s Purpose

Did somebody miss the opportunity?  Did you miss the mark?  Was somebody disappointed?  Imago Relationship Coaching can help you learn more about what each of you likes as a surprise or treat at this stage of life – it probably isn’t the same as 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago…. pre-children!  Book a session 🙂 Phone 0417 997 016 today.

Pre-marital Coaching will build a firm foundation for your relationship

Pre-marital Coaching is your best insurance 🙂

Pre-marital Coaching will build a firm foundation for your relationship and save a lot of heartache. Most of us don’t begin a university course, a job or buy an expensive home without doing some research and in-depth exploration. Why not do the same homework with our partner?

Imago pre-marital coaching is a gentle discovery where we learn how to care for our partner in the way that s/he needs 😊


Have You Chosen the Right Partner?

Many say this the day before the wedding, but seriously did you even know what you were looking for? Once you’ve become comfortable with each other, and some of the excitement has died down would be the ideal time to start doing some reputable questionnaires.

It’s important to do this instead of adding in excitement by planning the wedding, next holiday together or a party or

Pause before Marriage

Pause before Marriage

simply getting busy.

Yes, I’ve heard people describe doing all these things when they finally come to counselling because they have not been able to resolve issues.


How to Evaluate whether your partner is the Right One for you?

Who does she or he remind you of?

What is so familiar about him or her?

What is the quality of your relationship with the care-giver who your partner reminds of.

How confident are you in expressing your needs, opinions and emotions?

Does your partner respond in a way which encourages you or frustrates you?

There are a lot more questions to answer too.  How have you gone so far?

Are you having trouble answering the questions?


There is a MUCH EASIER WAY to do this….

Phone  0417 997 016 for an appointment where you will be taken through a gentle pre-marital process of discovery which will prevent problems becoming mammoth before you seek help. If you let issues become mammoth

pre-marital coaching

pre-marital coaching

problems, the tidal wave can cause so much destruction which will take so much more effort to repair… perhaps more effort than both of you might be prepared to invest.  What a pity to let a mouse become a mammoth, due to lack of preparation, research and exploration of how best to care for each other.


Discuss these Questions with your closest friends and family

Do you agree with their answers?

Are you finding yourself defending your partner = your choice?

Pre-marital coaching creates a safe space for you both to explore weaknesses and strengths whilst learning how to develop weaknesses into helpful opportunities to be important to our partner😊  Ph 0417 997 016 today for your session 🙂

Join us this Wednesday 31 Jan for a movie showing what could happen without Pre-marital coaching

Cheating can lead to a better relationship!

Cheating can be a catalyst for Relationship Improvement

Cheating might feel like it’s everywhere, but experts have a hard time pinpointing exactly how many people cheat. It makes sense that nobody wants to be honest and own up to the fact that they do it.

“The general belief is that if a person is lying to their partner, why wouldn’t they also lie to a researcher?” says Anita Chlipala, LMFT, a dating and relationships expert. One expert we spoke to, estimated that 25% of men and 14% of women cheat in a lifetime; another said they thought it was between 20-60% of couples in a lifetime.

So it’s hard to say at this point how much it happens. Not to mention, most studies are done on heterosexual couples, so there’s a big subset of the population that’s not even being included in those estimates.

Definition of Cheating

Cheating or Not?

Cheating or Not?

Cheating also encompasses a spectrum of behaviors, and every couple has different definitions for what cheating really entails.

Open relationships, or sex outside of an otherwise monogamous relationship with the consent of both partners, is not cheating — by definition, cheating involves lying. Chlipala suspects that the number of people who cheat might actually be growing because of these flimsy definitions.

“One of the prime reasons why people cheat is because of opportunity and circumstance,” she says. “Now, people have access to dating apps, or they can reconnect with an old flame on Facebook. Some people are surprised that emotional cheating is actually a thing.” Many cheating scenarios start innocently and spiral, she adds. One survey found that 76% of women thought it was cheating to send flirty texts, compared to 59% of men.

Here’s a way to open the subject with your partner 🙂

Invite them to accompany you to this award-winning movie which is followed by a discussion with the producer, local actor Ben Mortley and two relationship counsellors, including myself Francess Day 🙂

It’s a topic every couple should be able to have a light-hearted conversation about.

Cheating trends

What we do know is that socioeconomic background matters, and affluent men are more likely to cheat, but the reverse is true for women, says Andrea Bonior, PhD, a clinical psychologist who specializes in relationships.

Chlipala says that she thinks infidelity can be contagious, and you’re more likely to do it if people around you are. In fact, research suggests that divorce could be contagious, so it’s not far-fetched to think affairs could work the same way.

“We derive social norms from looking around, so it’s reasonable that a group of friends who are being unfaithful to spouses would be more likely to consider that,” Bonior says. Even though your infidelity threshold could change, she adds that “norms are a powerful thing,” so you have to be careful about what you consider acceptable behavior.

Breathe a sigh of Relief

So, whether or not infidelity is actually a “part of life” for everyone, it’s pretty clear that the statistics aren’t quite there to back up that claim. We might have some insight into factors that affect someone’s likelihood to cheat, but it’s definitely not true or worth it to say that cheating is the norm — because, as far as we know, it’s not.

TRE Retreat focusses on Chronic Fatigue or pain

TRE Retreat for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Conditions

TRE Retreat Precise Address provided with registration confirmation 🙂

We will discuss the 4 steps toward recovery from fatigue and why most people only ever look at the first 2. In this weekend, we will cover why this leaves people open to relapsing. We will touch on the difference between treating symptoms compared to understanding and addressing the root cause. As a group we will learn how to switch on our bodies nervous system recovery state using TRE and experience the effects.

TRE Retreat provides you with many opportunities to ask any questions about your experience, and how you can use TRE as a fatigue recovery tool.  The group will decide on the timing and amount of rest time prior to the weekend. So you will be consulted via email as to what time of day, you normally rest, so this weekend should be more relaxing than a normal weekend at home.

Relax in Tranquil Surroundings

TRE Retreat

TRE Retreat

We’ll do the cooking, and you’ll also be part of deciding the menu. I only eat non-inflammatory foods – but there will be adjustments to cater for your needs.

Just over the road, enjoy the forest and maybe even meet the locals 🙂

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Tony Fitzgerald

(PhD in Medical Physics)

Here is Tony’s intro about himself 🙂
I have over 20 years experience in medical physics, working in this science based area supporting advances in technology and techniques in the medical field. The last 10 years I have been learning and experiencing body based work, as a massage therapist and TRE facilitator which has helped me develop more intuition and self-connection. I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue first hand for years, and know what its like to take days to get over physical exhertion. Like many others, I’ve had to quit my job and take months off work. With my training and body based experience I am so very grateful to be fully recovered from CFS, and happily entertain my 2 small children (aged 10 months and 4 years), surf, kitesurf and still have energy to run my own business and enjoy life and adventures with my gorgeous wife. I am now studying why and how people recover from chronic conditions like CFS/ME and seeking to be a leader in this area sharing the latest body based methods with people who will value it in their own recovery.

Please register via private email


Healthcare card concessions available & so are payment plans.

If there is any chance that you might not show up on the day, please let me know on 0417 997 016 as soon as you can
because there is only room for six,
and there will be a waiting list ready to take your place if you cannot make it 🙂

Imagine having something simple, no cost, do it yourself at home to assist your quality of life ??

Your host also uses TRE to assist in managing symptoms of Fibromyalgia and found it more effective than yoga or meditation in achieving relaxation of muscles and connective tissue quickly. Daily relaxation using TRE has also helped sleep quality.

The beautiful #Healing #Retreat venue is also available if you want to stay for the weekend. Please have a look at availability and bookings through AirBnB sites. These are available any time of the year 😉 [house] [flat]

For more info about Tony see

Prevention of Relationship issues is possible

Prevent Relationship issues like an Affair

Can you imagine being invited by a movie producer to take part in a discussion with the audience about Relationship issues after the screening of a film presenting the painful situation of one’s partner having an affair?

Yes, I’ve just been invited 😊

Claire Harris has found that people were more interested in discussing the Relationship issues rather than the innovative filming approaches used.

She has wisely adjusted the focus of post-film discussion and invited Relationship Counsellors to be available as audience members grapple with the right and wrongs of how to respond.

Maybe you need help immediately?  Phone Francess on 0417 997 016

How would you respond to your partner’s affair?

We all think we know what we’d say and do, however when placed in the situation, many people come to counselling tossing up conflicting feelings.

What else could you feel, you ask?

Zelos is a movie which illustrates a few different alternatives.  Come along and prepare for this potential catastrophe – it might even help prevent the occurrence of an affair.



Relationship issues

Relationship issues

Whose fault is it?

How could there be a question of whose fault it is?

The movie will show you how we might have contributed to our partner’s needs not being met within the relationship.

Have you discussed the risk?

If you are horrified at the idea of discussing such a situation, you might leave yourself vulnerable to either being the aggrieved one or the person who has the affair!  What?


How to Prevent an Affair & other Relationship issues

We take you through a thorough process of learning about and understanding your partner’s and your own needs.

Ph 0417 997 016 today to book your appointment.

Once couples have established the relationship, we often become complacent about our attentiveness to how our partner responds to how we behave.

When couples attend with Relationship Issues, we find that often people feel ‘taken for granted’; one’s needs are not being met, and couples are inadvertently behaving in ways opposite to what their partner needs.

Chronic Fatigue Recovery needs a holistic approach

Chronic Fatigue Recovery involves a multi-pronged approach

Chronic Fatigue Recovery doesn’t mean go back to doing what we did that triggered it off in the first place. It forces us to change our lifestyle in major radical ways. Have you noticed that when you try to resume activities that you did prior to a rest period – your body hits back with fatigue or pain?  🙁

Does this mean laying down in defeat?

Today’s TRE workshop showed us that we can recover if we are prepared to listen to our body, learn about causes and heal them, learn how manage the body’s reactions, understand the stress response and how to build resilience – we can begin a slow recovery.

Taking Charge of our Healing

Start your Recovery

Start your Recovery

At our workshop we discussed the Polyvagal Theory and here is an informative book ON SPECIAL THIS WEEKEND $7.49 🙂

It looks complicated doesn’t it?  It covers technical information but not a lot of specific ‘fix-it’ info. He mentions neuromodulation of the Vagus nerve treatment, so I’ve googled it and found a review worth reading which also gives a better picture of what it entails.

If healing fatigue conditions was simple, it wouldn’t be such a wide-spread problem. Whilst you are giving yourself the important rest that you need, why not inspire yourself by having a read.

The first step to recovery is EDUCATION about the causes where you will relate to what applies to you!  From there you can make some decisions about what you will cut out of your life, and what you will add. Scan down to an earlier blog about one of the basics to address 🙂

Relationship Support & Understanding

Like all trauma-related situations, it’s difficult for the rest of the family when trauma hits one of them. The family resists change, so when the most active member has pushed themselves too hard and ended up with a Fatigue Condition – it’s really hard for the others to pick up all the extra work – plus give empathetic support to the one who is exhausted.

Chronic Fatigue Recovery

Chronic Fatigue Recovery

Receive updates via Couples Support Facebook or

just phone 0417 997 016 today for an appointment or email

to learn how to give really empathetic support to your loved one – spouse, partner, parent or child!