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Corona Virus  Prevention – boost your immunity

Corona Virus  Prevention – Common sense collated with links to other useful info 🙂 Corona Virus  Prevention begins with Reduction of Stress & Fear. Bringing calm to your inner environment…

Marriage & Community Resilience strengthening

Marriage & Community Resilience can be strengthened by natural disasters Marriage & Community Resilience is often a byproduct of natural disasters. Bushfire Crises often bring out the good in the…

Australia Day celebrations or confusion?

Australia Day means different things to different people Australia Day has become a day of conflicting feelings, attitudes and actions, to the extent that even nuclear families or couples are…

Divorce month due to unknown traps

Why has January become divorce month? Divorce Month is January, some even say 8th is danger day. Although a study from the University of Washington found that the most divorces actually…

Teachers’ Day can help family communication

Teachers’ Day is a time to Reminisce with your kids Teachers’ Day means all Australian teachers have a special holiday. Families are pre-occupied with what to do with their children…

Dementia needs widespread support

Dementia is likely to affect your loved ones Dementia is a fast growing public health issue and our community is crying out for better access to appropriate services and care….

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