Manage Weight Loss with Counselling

Weight Loss & Management Counselling

Weight Loss & Management Counselling uses proven methods of psychological and mind-body therapy to assist you in gaining control of your weight and maintaining it at a level that you are happy with.

Is your weight an issue for you?PastprisonFutureCreator

  1. Have you tried diets and weight loss program, only to find that the lost weight returns faster?
  2. Are you concerned about your children or other family members’ obesity problems?
  3. Have you given up trying to lose weight?
  4. Do you find pressures or your own emotions overwhelm your best efforts?

Keys to making a lasting changesunset, balance, serenity

  • Developing and accepting your own new self-image. We are what we think of ourselves.
  • Learning to cope with your family’s difficulties in coping with a new you or a new healthy routine that gives you pleasure and satisfaction.
  • As well as emotional barriers, there are social pressures, norms and culture that impact on our diet and lifestyle. Additionally, there are budget and time constraints. These are ‘environmental problems’.
  • Research evidence shows that a balanced routine that is well thought out reduces the time and worry of thinking about food and nutrition, and reduces the other ‘environmental’ impacts on you.
  • Weight Loss & Management Counselling will help motivate and maintain your efforts to achieve the above keys.

So many people end up feeling like a failure, and then comfort eat.
The cycle is a never ending loop on itself!

It all sounds so familiar, doesn’t it!

Weight Loss & Management Counselling can help you break out of the loop! Diets and weight loss programs do work and we can recommend a range of options that will assist you to lose your excess weight.  However, research has shown that Weight Loss & Management Counselling will help you far more effectively with your personal motivation and in dealing with family & friends, and with your own adjustment to the new You. The New You may look different and eat different and people don’t adjust easily to change. We want it, but then we find it hard to accept!

Our Weight Loss & Management Counselling will help you recognise the triggers and develop ways to overcome them without feeling socially isolated when people around you are still eating unhealthy food. We help you reduce the preparation time which is a big problem for busy people.

Most importantly, you will develop a routine that meets your physical needs and provides you pleasure as well.

Weight Loss & Management Counselling provides Help that is Not Diet-related!

  • Eliminate food cravings (but still be able to eat your favourite foods)?
  • Eliminate emotional eating (and feel better, mentally, physically and emotionally)
  • Feel calm and empowered when making food choices (having power over food rather than the other way around)?
  • Weigh Less (and have other benefits that improve over time)?

All without dieting!

EFT is an approach to weight management, which we teach you to do for yourself.  Clinical Research Trials into EFT show all of the above benefits. Amazingly, improvements increase over time (which is amazing considering the failure rates of diets). A recent University Trial (in publication) showed tapping worked better than Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which is the current gold-standard for weight management.

EMDR has also been successful in assisting my clients to overcome some of the risk factors which cause over-eating, comfort – eating, and self-limiting beliefs to do with self-image, lifestyle and exercise.

There is Hope that Environmental Problems will Change !
At the 2011 Aust. Psychologist’s National Conference, USA Prof. Kelly Brownell advocated that governments should introduce a tax on foods with high sugar content as occurred in some USA states. He said Denmark has already imposed a ‘fat tax’, which increased the price of food with saturated fats.  He is a Yale University expert on obesity and junk food who was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Prof. Brownell exposes how food companies use scientists to design chemicals that trigger your brain to want more and more food, especially the junk food in which sugar and fat are well known to act like many other “addictive drugs”. Of course as YOU know, the marketing is relentless, powerful and exploiting our emotional needs, and our beliefs about body image.

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