Septic tank FUNCTION Checklist

Septic tank checklist starts with these DIY tasks:- The reality is we need to do a lot ourselves post-pandemic. As you know the limited number of tradies will not have time to do the digging. Last time, nearly 2 years ago in a very hot February, as Australia opened up to the tail-end pandemic; a … Read more

Finishing my homemade flat

Finishing my homemade retirement flat in my garden Finishing my homemade flat took years, and still lots more to do. Mats upside down  to keep them and floor clean as we finish building off 😊  This page to be finished, pics say 1000 words 🙂     From Lounge Winter sun everywhere From wall behind … Read more

AEVA EV Expo gives Facts

AEVA provides facts about transport, energy, emissions AEVA EV Expo is coming up fast! There’s a full expo hall and plenty of engaging speakers and panellists for the Friday Conference. Get the facts from  experts, consumers, owners and those who’ve converted perfectly good cars saving heaps on recycling energy, cost or waste. Please,  share any … Read more

Treating Women Well with good communication

Treating Women Well Treating Women Well involves far more than legislation and company policies, although they are important and below are some good news updates. It also involves respectful relationship quality and equality. What does this all mean? As a common-sense counsellor, I have done specialist training PTSD and in Imago Relationship communication skills coaching. … Read more

DV heal creates a Happy Ending to DV journey

DV heal is supportive counselling to rebuild your confidence and self esteem DV heal gives you the right support to find yourself again, heal and carry that happy ending in the centre of your heart for the rest of your life journey. The experienced counsellor has travelled the journey and uses many healing methods to … Read more

Cheerfulness as a depression treatment

Cheerfulness is worth a try Cheerfulness is worth a try. If you’re feeling depressed, its hard to contemplate, however on a bad day, this quote grabbed my attention. ‘Good things may come on a moment’… It’s in Robert Burton’s book on Melancholie! How to bring on an … 😊Injection of energy is outlined on a … Read more

Root vegetables cooking for nutritional benefits

Root vegetables can be a healthy comfort food or fatal Root vegetables are often a go-to comfort food – it’s all about how we cook it. Same for weight management goals 🙂 They can worsen or ALLEVIATE our depression, anxiety and other trauma reactions. There’s no need to starve or punish yourself… 🙂 Learn how … Read more

Strawbale Hothouse for Winter Veges

Strawbale Hothouse Strawbale Hothouse design is the simplest you could imagine. All credits to the article below. You might think Perth’s biggest challenge is the hot weather, and you’re right. However you can get all your summer seedlings well established from seeds this way, so they are strong, deep-rooted plants by January-March. Your winter veges … Read more

Turning Gaming into therapy & Gamers to alternatives

Gaming device helps adventure junkie as a recovery remedy. He developed a program to feed his addiction 😊but in the process has a new safer way to get the same effects without further injury. If he’s never going to be able to do the original activity due a new level of physical ability, then he’s … Read more

Weeds are valuable compost, except…

Weeds – Bad or Good? Weeds aren’t always good compost as explained below 🙂 BAD WEEDS Front verge where the rubbish bins are placed; in front of neighbour’s green letterbox on my side of their drive. Suggest you pull big weeds, then put something heavy and flat – e.g. on right size mat over black … Read more