Costs of NDIS skewed to blame society’s victims

Bureacracy and sex offenders rob people with disabilities

Costs of NDIS are skewed to blame society’s victims instead of perpetrators. Marayke Jonkers, Interim President, People With Disability Australia outlines the real problems so clearly on

The cost blowout on the NDIS is actually the government spending – staff payment of so much money making life terribly difficult for people with disabilities, their support network and family.  The salaries must be huge – to spend so much time hounding people with permanent disabilities requiring expensive annual reports by overworked specialists when it’s quite clear that most people’s disability will not improve. For many years, I volunteered at NGOs like the Cerebral Palsy Assoc. who functioned more efficiently, simply providing equipment as people’s needs required, e.g., children’s growth.

costs of mobility need repair, upgrades often & don’t need to be questioned

Basic needs like physical touch and sexual expression are most important as evidenced in my 2008 thesis whole paper by advocates of people with disability describing how their clients were hurt as they fled from one abuser to the next seeking intimacy. They were just getting abused financially, beaten and left homeless… here’s the link to the

NDIS funding is used to enable criminal paedophiles have a normal life outside of prison.  The expensive surveillance apparatus and paying people to supervising them all the time would exceed the costs of daily sex-therapy for all people with disabilities who want it. In reality, the occasions of need are far less.  While sex-offenders consume NDIS funding, others cannot get enough hours of care especially aged people. What a contradiction – setting as sex-offender free and denying physically disabled people safe sex workers rather than leaving the vulnerable to sex-offenders.

NDIS fiscal evaluations based on research showed the above. Additionally, in the mental health sector good quality psychological costs a $2-300 per session, for psychotherapy that will often assist people to recover.

A global analysis of ‘health funding’ would show that all the pharmaceutical drugs enforced by Govt. Mental Health Systems cost far more and cause endless harmful side-effects, including incapacity to work and suicide.

Government needs to evaluate itself, the financial costs of bureaucratic control and how they victimise vulnerable people, while ignoring how they empower criminals from sex-offenders to corporate predators such as pharmacy.

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