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Nature therapy utilises the healing benefits of the natural environment enhanced with your experienced counsellor helping you process your life challenges. A sample of Research results are listed below for you to read however you can find a lot more research using the keywords ‘Nature therapy Benefits’.

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Nature therapy
Nature therapy heals by being in a natural place

Mental health benefits of nature-based recreation: a systematic review

NQ Lackey, DA Tysor, GD McNayL Joyner… – Annals of Leisure …, 2021 – Taylor & Francis
… one observed mental health benefit after participation in nature-… nature-based recreation is
typically associated with mental … nature-based recreation can lead to mental health benefits. …

Mental health benefits of interactions with nature in children and teenagers: A systematic review

S Tillmann, D Tobin, W Avison… – … Community Health, 2018 –
… This review showed significant positive findings on the benefits of nature for all mental health
outcomes; however, ADD/ADHD, overall mental health, stress, resilience and HRQOL were …

Doses of neighborhood nature: the benefits for mental health of living with nature

DTC CoxDF Shanahan, HL Hudson… – AIBS …, 2017 –
… population prevalence of mentalhealth issues is significantly … of mental health with the
characteristics of nearby nature that … Although the positive benefits for mental health of interacting …

The impacts of nature experience on human cognitive function and mental health

GN Bratman, JP Hamilton… – Annals of the New York …, 2012 – Wiley Online Library
… that individuals’ preferences for nature may play in its impact … of nature experience on
cognitive function and mental health. … the ways in which nature benefits our minds; thus, we might …

[HTML] A lower connection to nature is related to lower mental health benefits from nature contact

C ChangBB LinX FengE Andersson, J Gardner… – Scientific Reports, 2024 –
… mental health 1,2,27,29 , few studies have attempted to study the moderating effect of nature
orientation on mental health benefits … with a low connection to nature may experience the …

[PDF] Psychological benefits of nature experiences: An outline of research and theory

J Davis – With Special Reference to Transpersonal …, 2004 –
… benefits to mental health benefits. (This may also help explain the predominance of posters
and picture calendars with nature … contact with “wilder” nature is beneficial anywhere along …

Health benefits of nature experience: Psychological, social and cultural processes

T HartigAE Van Den Berg, CM Hagerhall… – … , trees and human health, 2011 – Springer
… how experiences of nature can affect human health and well-… and research concerned with
health benefits of natural … through which nature experience might provide health benefits. …

[PDF] The mental health benefits of green exercise activities and green care

J Peacock, R Hine, J Pretty – Report for MIND, 2007 –
… from the activity itself; 4) Psychological benefits and 5) Physical benefits. These findings …
substantial social, health and wellbeing benefits. The contact with nature and greenspace is a …

[HTML] What are the benefits of interacting with nature?

LE Keniger, KJ GastonKN IrvineRA Fuller – … research and public health, 2013 –
… benefits of people-nature interactions. For a benefit to happen, a setting in which nature
can be experienced must exist, and an interaction between humans and nature must occur. …

Understanding the psychological health and well-being benefits of physical activity in nature: An ecological dynamics analysis

E BrymerK Davids, L Mallabon – Ecopsychology, 2014 –
… Arguably the same principle can be applied in relation to nature’s benefits on mental health
… psychological behaviors and experiences that can improve mental health and well-being. It …

Nature therapy enhances Common-sense Counselling

Common-sense counselling is enhanced by Nature therapy because it achieves passive benefits at the same time as we actively problem-solve for the life challenges for which you reached out for help.  Double the work and benefits without any extra effort – in fact, far less effort.
Lots more bang for you buck 🙂

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