Have a GREAT 2024 Preparation Tips

Have a GREAT 2024 💞🍀

Have a GREAT 2024 💞🍀with lots of good😇😇😇

7 ways to prepare to Have a GREAT 2024 🙂

1. Reflect on the past year. …
2. Set realistic goals and intentions. …
3. Declutter and organise. …
4. Cultivate healthy habits. …
5. Foster connections and community. The support of friends, family, and community can play a crucial role in personal growth and well-being.

Have a GREAT 2024
Have a GREAT 2024


6. Set up a gratitude diary
7. Become stronger by looking after yourself better … including planning regular FUN times 🙃😄🤗🫂💃🕺👯‍♀️🚲⛵️⛱🌅

Do you need Help to Have a GREAT 2024?

Common-sense Counselling can help you, and because it will enhance your work performance and satisfaction, you can claim it on your tax return as Personal Development/Education/Training 🙂

You can enjoy a personalised, friendly, safe space for you to heal and make sense of trauma and relationship stress with practical services tailored to your individual needs.

Book an appointment today via the Contact Page 🙂

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Marriage, Couples, Family, general and trauma counselling is offered for Individuals, Couples, Siblings, and Parent-Child relationships including adults 82 and 63 years old respectively! Nobody is too old, and Imago therapy has been successful with brothers as young as a 9 year old with his 13 year old brother. Imagine having your FAMILY understand what is happening to you currently – no matter what psychological difficulties you are experiencing! Click here for how.

Has stress highlighted the cracks in your emotional health, or your relationship?

Improve your communication skills with some counselling and begin a great future.

People may participate either jointly or  individually in Marriage, Couples, Family, general and trauma counselling, which may include:

  • Counselling face to face, and via telephone counselling
  • Trauma Emotional First-aid / Debriefing and indepth therapy
  • Information & Support for family/friends, including self-help books to assist you and your family recover from trauma.

or Support Groups: click for more information.  

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