DV heal creates a Happy Ending to DV journey

DV heal is supportive counselling to rebuild your confidence and self esteem

DV heal gives you the right support to find yourself again, heal and carry that happy ending in the centre of your heart for the rest of your life journey. The experienced counsellor has travelled the journey and uses many healing methods to heal the trauma, posttraumatic stress (PTSD), plus rebuild your confidence and self esteem.

DV healing portrayed

A refreshing aspect of this book is that it’s written by a man who mainly draws from all his personal experiences, including his childhood experience of domestic violence (DV). Trent Dalton has established himself as a compassionate professional and gained great respect from other journalists in his reputation as a writer. Clearly, he’s made a successful living from using narrative therapy as a great tool to heal. His books are published and he speaks here on ABC Radio National about DV, and the homelessness that often results.

A softer fictional journey which highlights the love story of the main characters takes people who have no idea of what this journey feels like; on a magical mystery story which enables readers to really understand the journey. He gently shows us why it is so important for everyone to call it out; now armed with some insight of the powerful impact on beautiful children’s lives.

It gives you the confidence to question a behaviour that perhaps makes you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps talk to a professional about it first to add to your knowledge; either by phoning the 24-hr-DV information line or you may have a video appointment with me online at a time that is mutually convenient within a few days.

The fallout of DV described in Trent’s book is depicts in a tangible way, how women whose fathers are the complete opposite have no idea what has hit them when we find ourself in this situation. The story shows the impact on our identity. Trent’s book talks about the homelessness journey of escaping DV and shows shows what happens when the real identity is deliberately hidden from the child as a practical protection strategy. For the main character it becomes a personal mystery to be solved.

The invisibleness experienced by people on this journey of homelessness and domestic violence, is highlighted as a main mystery theme in his writing and is characterized in the female main characters. Listening to him on radio gives hope that men and women can really restore respect and love into new relationships.

This is the magic of writing narrative therapy and fiction which allows you to rewrite your lifepath Script and create a happy ending. It takes work and support for women who often lose sight of who we really are; where confidence and self-esteem are shattered so that it’s difficult to

Happy ending to DV

return or continue with our professional lives. But with the right support and counselling help you can manage to find yourself again, heal and carry that happy ending in the centre of your heart for the rest of your life journey.

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About the DV heal Counsellor

From all her experience and ongoing training, Francess Day’s self-help workbook “Put together your Own Life” was published in 2004.

Research illustrating the lived practice of trauma therapy by 22 experienced West Australian therapists from diverse professions earned Francess Day her 1st class Honours in Psychology in 2009. A copy of the thesis is available via this link:- Preview Thesis Abstract, and Extracts of the Findings and Summary.  The Research explored what experienced Trauma Therapists found to be most effective when working with trauma clients and the findings validate much of the  “Put together your Own Life” workbook  material.


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