Churches solve the housing crisis

Churches solve the housing crisis

Churches solve the housing crisis all over the world, and here’s a Sydney example of retrofitting existing buildings to alleviate builder’s pressures. New builds need more workers, take time for planning and approval, many resources. Retrofitting is a different skillset or utilisation of current workers to complete builds that can be completed at a much earlier date.

Nightingale Marrickville aims to provide relief to people struggling to find affordable housing in one of Australia’s most expensive real estate markets.(Nightingale Housing)

The project discussed in RN ABC’s podcast in the above link is nicely summarised below – taken from their webpage

The land on which the project “Nightingale Marrickville by Fresh Hope Communities” has been built is located at 387-389 Illawarra Road, Marrickville. The title to this property is held by the Churches of Christ Property Trust as trustee for churches of Christ in NSW and ACT. The land was first purchased in 1891 by Marrickville Church of Christ, with the first permanent church building constructed in 1912. It was built to accommodate the growing congregation and to provide a venue for the church’s community welfare activities.

In 2016 the faith community meeting at the Marrickville church had declined significantly. The building required substantial maintenance to meet modern day building and compliance standards. As the stewards of the property, churches of Christ in NSW and ACT discerned that the land would best be used in a way in which it could be repurposed to serve the local community of Marrickville once more.

To achieve this goal, Churches of Christ in NSW and ACT provided a ground lease of the land to their welfare and charitable works arm, known today as Fresh Hope Communities. The stated purpose for this site was affordable build-to-rent accommodation for the local community to be constructed with the purpose of assisting in providing a solution to the growing housing affordability crisis in Sydney, while also addressing the societal impact of social isolation, particularly post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Churches solve the housing crisis
Nightingale Marrickville show how churches solve the housing crisis [Photo by Nightingale Marrickville]

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