Finishing my homemade flat

Finishing my homemade retirement flat in my garden

Living & kitchen 8.5m long x 4.5m wide open to winters sun

Finishing my homemade flat took years, and still lots more to do. Mats upside down  to keep them and floor clean as we finish building off 😊  This page to be finished, pics say 1000 words 🙂

counselling while Finishing


trying new furniture arrangements


From Lounge

Winter sun everywhere

wintersun on 400mm wide sills under 1 m verandah for optimum sun exposure

From wall behind photographer, to lounge back wall is nearly 11m open plan warmed by winter sun NE on little wall NNW along left and WsW behind is lovely in winter. Summer late sun insulation from strawbale full wall around SW corner.

NNW corner morning sun

Big table shrunk to normal dining table for 4 in living area

normal dining table for 4 & area to lounge back wall





Ready for our first dinner party – not finished but it was a special birthday with special friends

Everything used to carry things over to new homedinner partyfrom lounge before dinner

repurposed timber
Repurposed floor boards before tongue/groove pre 1900. Cover for wood pillar

outside of NNW corner

Bathroom 2400 x 1900

Early floorplan

homemade flat
early version public floor plan

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