Holiday here to Experience Sustainable Lifestyle

Holiday here close to city, in bush environment

Holiday here because it’s so close, 30km from CBD, yet a completely different world.

Experience Sustainable Hills Lifestyle

Surrounded by food greenery e.g., Snake-vine beans hanging from pergolas, carpets of sweet potato plants, herbs, spinach shading other vegetable’s roots, years old cale plants and other vegetables sprouting in the glorious thunderstorm rains.

  • Magpies now catch worms and Wildflowers attract hordes of honey-eating Songbirds that gently awaken you
  • Bandicoots scurry through lush gardens, digging food everywhere, including sweet potatoes
  • Walk among kangaroos in National Park over the road to look out as far as the eye can see in 3 directions

    Holiday here
    Holiday here among birds in Grapevines, Snakebean vines from kitchen
  • Enjoy sunset panoramas and frog orchestra, then peace sleeping in a magic QS bed
  • Taste the freshest drinking water and let your body be caressed by rainwater too

Strawbale house-building continues quietly on the retirement flat in the garden

  • See how the render which seals the walls from the elements and fire is done.
  • Hear the silence of the straw insulating from outside sound
  • Feel the temperature control of the walls together with double-glazed, argon filled windows.
  • See & smell the most beautiful recycled timber walls

Learn how the property is almost Off-grid!

See how much can be reused or adapted.

Water recycling of all wastewater cares for the non-vegetable gardens including 40 grapevines which shade around the house during warmer months. 153,000 litres of rainwater hides in tanks in the perimeter corners of the block.

Solar PVs fill the storage battery created from excess bus conversion cells, housed in a cupboard made from neighbour’s verge collection timber, power the house and the grid during summer, and a car converted to EV!

Real community lifestyle

Leave home without leaving the property. Hear how the main house will soon house a younger generation of people, while retiree moves into the fully sustainable flat in the garden.

Holiday here
Atop the flat over mid-summer shades between residences

Learn and See how easy Cohousing can be – more info on Facebook page. Inquiries via email

So hurry for a weekend, a week, Easter or school holidays to Holiday here before it’s no longer available after this winter 😊

Holiday here is so affordable at $35/night.

You  can bring the family… Inquiries for extra room via email 😊

Garden covers half the block – outside bedroom

Book a Holiday here via 

where there’s more info and heaps of pics 😊  Outside your bedroom are lush gardens. Every window has lushness all year round 🙂

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