Family time is important to so many people

Family time became an even more precious aspect of people’s lives this last Christmas

Family time was destroyed for many as Covid restrictions wreaked havoc on planned gatherings and travel across the country, let alone around the world. Christmas and New Year can be a real pressure point for family in any year due to the high or rigid expectations of how things should be. How do you work to improve your own experience?

Communication which focuses on hearing other’s feedback on how the festive season was for them is the clue 🙂

How often do you feel unheard? How do you know you have been heard? Imago Relationship Therapy coaches you in the most effective listening processes which clearly show your loved ones that you’ve heard and understood what they are saying 🙂 The best part about learning this together in a marriage counselling session aside from being confidential is that both people are learning the process at the same time 🙂

Family time involves communicating effectively

Imago Advanced Communication Skills help you clarify what you are trying to say in a way that the listener really understands through the feedback process. You have the ability to clarify their understanding along the way. Bonds are strengthened as understanding of each other grows with only a few sessions in each of the listener and speaker roles. It’s not role-play!  In those counselling sessions, we help you work through the deepest issues – thereby making the road ahead much easier.

Stress, Too much money spent & Not enough Quality Family time

These are common complaints I’ve heard after Christmas.

Family time
Family time with simple food contributions by everyone

Positive improvements which I’ve heard are no alcohol, everybody brings a dish or two to share leaving more family time to communicate.

  • Just low key, relaxing and not too many people at once.
  • Cold Australian foods
  • Picnic at the beach!
Family time
Family time at beach, relaxed picnic, anything but hot 🙂

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