Building provides many lessons

Building Mistakes provide Valuable Experience

Building a relationship involves self-examination, recognising our mistakes and exploring the best way to rectify them. Do you feel confident in all three steps?

Do you know how to give others constructive feedback?

Imago Advanced Communication Skills counselling will help you and your loved one identify solutions to the imperfections using a gentle process which allows each person to complete the first two steps, and out of the process you generate solutions which meet each person’s needs and abilities in a realistic way.

Building sometimes involves Undoing

You’ve all heard about trying to undo bad habits or let go of unrealistic expectations, but we all know it’s easier said than done ☹ Usually, a fresh set of eyes helps us see things in a new light – approaching it from a new perspective. Imago Relationship Therapy can transform your marriage or other family relationships 😊

Transformation is best shown with a tangible example

Here we had to defy gravity and succeeded in rendering the 350mm underside of the top window cavity😊

Building Mistake
Building Mistake stops window on right from being opened inward

However an earlier mistake was ignored and covered up – difficult to detect. As the render continued building a strong cover over the strawbales, it became obvious that inward-opening windows and doors were not going to have the clearance to do so ☹

Another skilled professional opinion confirmed that this building approach needed to be undone and a new way to seal the strawbale wall was needed.

Undoing building error
Undoing building error – tearing down render


Painful pictures of render being torn off, and recycled jarrah floorboards adapted to achieve the purpose with a more beautiful result 😊



Building Improvement
Beautiful Building Improvement with Salvage Yard Jarrah


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