Couple counselling gives perspective to differences

Couple counselling gives perspective to each person’s opinions

Couple counselling gives perspective to how differing view points of each person adds depth, breadth, colour and countless other qualities to the relationship. Have you identified how many values, likes, dislikes, dreams, daily habits you and your partner differ in?

Couple counselling gives perspective
One perspective of the jacaranda tree

Conflict can arise about almost anything, and if you know what is most important to the other person then you are halfway to resolution of the conflict.

For example, one perspective of the same jacaranda tree looks like this and another person’s most important perspectives looks like the photo on the right. The first is from the bedroom and is the first thing you see when you open the curtains. How can we feel anything but joy about being alive this morning.

The second welcomes you as you come home, impresses visitors and looks more

Couple counselling gives perspective
The jacaranda welcoming you home

symmetric. Both perspectives are equally valuable, just different. Each point of view expresses so much about the personality of your partner and what is important to them. These differences are what probably attracted you to each other in the first place. You were initially fascinated by the way they saw things.

Couple counselling gives perspective to how your differences become a source of competition about who is right, whose perspective is more important and little things create conflict.

Couple counselling gives perspective to conflict

Imago Relationship Therapy coaches you in Advanced Communication Skills to make each differing perspective a source of growth for each person. You will learn to:

  • actively listen,
  • validate each other’s perspective and
  • empathise with your partners’s feelings.

If you follow the Imago process, your empathy will provide you with solutions and direction on how to accommodate your partner’s needs and viz versa 🙂

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