Review of 2020 is important for the New Year

Review of 2020 is what we do at this time of year

Review of 2020 is important to our plans for the New Year. Even in WA where we’ve had minimal impact, Covid has prompted us to review our lifestyle in many ways. How did you spend the time we had in lock-down?

Many people established vegetable growing, composting and home improvements. If you’re still thinking of taking up the building grants, you might like to consider a smaller property to invest in high quality materials like double-glazed, argon-filled windows which keep out the heat, and the cold.

Review of 2020
Trees removed from around little old flat in back yard

I have added a living area to my little garden flat to down-size into.

Review of 2020 is time well spent as it reveals just how much has been achieved.

Root removal
Root removal 1.2m below floor level

This puts your year into perspective.



From the depths to the heights which you’ve had to stretch, you’ve probably created a new reality.

Review of 2020
Measure, Remeasure, look at it from all angles…
Reaching roof height







Floorboards from Alma Rd, North Perth, built around 1900. A few boards from before 1900!

Roof frame done
Roof frame done

Bricks removed, cleaned and re-used on footings and roof elevation.

Rainfall protections
Roof rainfall protections & NE view

Dramatic rain storms necessitated Floor & Roof plastic covering many of the nights.

Transformed flat
Roof rainfall protections & SW view

As carpenters finished the last window frame, and before the last downpipe was connected, in less than 40 minutes an inch of rain flooded the floor and underfloor insulation.

Review Planning
Flood on not yet completed Window frame

This year was challenging in so many ways!

Review of 2020 shows the Resilience we have developed

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By the week before Christmas the heat arrived forcing us to render inside the coolness of strawbale walls. Most of the outside has a second coat of render and coverings, so we can relax for a week. It was wonderful to share the achievements with the extended family on Christmas Day.

Remember to help your loved ones do their Review of 2020 to see how much they have achieved despite the challenges like not being able to visit family in other parts of the world. This the saddest part of Covid for many of us, especially when my wonderful aunt is 97.5 years old. Thank goodness for the telephone, because many of our older family haven’t taken up the internet.

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