Finishing my homemade flat

Finishing my homemade retirement flat in my garden Finishing my homemade flat took years, and still lots more to do. Mats upside down  to keep them and floor clean as we finish building off 😊  This page to be finished, pics say 1000 words 🙂     From Lounge Winter sun everywhere From wall behind … Read more

AEVA EV Expo gives Facts

AEVA provides facts about transport, energy, emissions AEVA EV Expo is coming up fast! There’s a full expo hall and plenty of engaging speakers and panellists for the Friday Conference. Get the facts from  experts, consumers, owners and those who’ve converted perfectly good cars saving heaps on recycling energy, cost or waste. Please,  share any … Read more

Strawbale Hothouse for Winter Veges

Strawbale Hothouse Strawbale Hothouse design is the simplest you could imagine. All credits to the article below. You might think Perth’s biggest challenge is the hot weather, and you’re right. However you can get all your summer seedlings well established from seeds this way, so they are strong, deep-rooted plants by January-March. Your winter veges … Read more

Weeds are valuable compost, except…

Weeds – Bad or Good? Weeds aren’t always good compost as explained below 🙂 BAD WEEDS Front verge where the rubbish bins are placed; in front of neighbour’s green letterbox on my side of their drive. Suggest you pull big weeds, then put something heavy and flat – e.g. on right size mat over black … Read more

Food Composting Guide

Food Composting Food Composting is easy. Any old open top container can have holes cut, easy if it’s already cracked/broken. Any lid, but I live in high speed winds in summer, so this heavy junk left by previous owner’s tenants is useful. Slight weight lifting or make the platform more secure and it can just … Read more

PUMP TEST for rainwater supply

PUMP TEST  detailed steps Pump tests First require Really important checks to test the Electrical cord function. For the backyard pump: – the high power switch is on the house’s north wall behind big tropical Monsteria bush! Then go to the pump on right of INTAKE tank. It’s black cord takes you to the cord … Read more

Holiday here to Experience Sustainable Lifestyle

Holiday here close to city, in bush environment Holiday here because it’s so close, 30km from CBD, yet a completely different world. Experience Sustainable Hills Lifestyle Surrounded by food greenery e.g., Snake-vine beans hanging from pergolas, carpets of sweet potato plants, herbs, spinach shading other vegetable’s roots, years old cale plants and other vegetables sprouting … Read more

Review of 2020 is important for the New Year

Review of 2020 is what we do at this time of year Review of 2020 is important to our plans for the New Year. Even in WA where we’ve had minimal impact, Covid has prompted us to review our lifestyle in many ways. How did you spend the time we had in lock-down? Many people … Read more

Hemp is a Sustainable crop & products

Hemp is NOT the Same as Marijuana Hemp Seeds Nutritional Makeup Just three tablespoons of hemp seeds, weighing in at 30 grams, offers the following nutritional composition: 170 calories 9 grams protein 15 grams fat 3 grams total carbohydrates 1 gram fiber 14 mg calcium 2 mg iron 215 mg magnesium 290 mg phosphorus 360 … Read more

Recycled materials save money & environment

Recycled Timber and Roof Sheeting build a  Verandah Recycled roof sheeting came from the old roof, removed from existing flat has a shiny, clean underside which is the side most visible in this situation. The idea to create a wood channel to slide the recycled roof sheets into, drew warnings from some professionals:- “Secure the … Read more