Holiday here to Experience Sustainable Lifestyle

Holiday here close to city, in bush environment Holiday here because it’s so close, 30km from CBD, yet a completely different world. Experience Sustainable Hills Lifestyle Surrounded by food greenery e.g., Snake-vine beans hanging from pergolas, carpets of sweet potato plants, herbs, spinach shading other vegetable’s roots, years old cale plants and other vegetables sprouting … Read more

Review of 2020 is important for the New Year

Review of 2020 is what we do at this time of year Review of 2020 is important to our plans for the New Year. Even in WA where we’ve had minimal impact, Covid has prompted us to review our lifestyle in many ways. How did you spend the time we had in lock-down? Many people … Read more

Hemp is a Sustainable crop & products

Hemp is NOT the Same as Marijuana Hemp Seeds Nutritional Makeup Just three tablespoons of hemp seeds, weighing in at 30 grams, offers the following nutritional composition: 170 calories 9 grams protein 15 grams fat 3 grams total carbohydrates 1 gram fiber 14 mg calcium 2 mg iron 215 mg magnesium 290 mg phosphorus 360 … Read more

Recycled materials save money & environment

Recycled Timber and Roof Sheeting build a  Verandah Recycled roof sheeting came from the old roof, removed from existing flat has a shiny, clean underside which is the side most visible in this situation. The idea to create a wood channel to slide the recycled roof sheets into, drew warnings from some professionals:- “Secure the … Read more

Share your garden with bees & pollinate plants

Share your garden with bees & enjoy many rewards Share your garden with bees to empower your family’s ability to make a difference to the planet’s survival, thus enjoy feeling happier, a sense of accomplishment and harmony with nature and the community. A bonus is receiving free honey from the bee-keeper’s harvest, having great pollination … Read more

Loneliness solutions to explore

Loneliness plague in our society Loneliness is a major contributor to ill-health both physical and mental. Counselling can assist you to explore options to reduce the effects of loneliness. How about we address the cause? Loneliness solutions Community-living options allow you the amount of common-space, shared activities and distance that you need. How about you … Read more

New Year’s Goals give you hope

New Year’s Goals give us direction New Year’s Goals set us up in a positive attitude, generate feelings of hope for a brighter future. In doing so, we actually look back on the past year and examine what we’d like improved. It is my heartfelt wish that couples and parents include the quality of their … Read more

DEstress Retreat – Time to take a Weekend off

DEstress Retreat offers Relaxation activities to try DEstress Retreat at this Boutique venue, only 30km from Perth commenced in 2016 for people to come try out various ways to relax. Since then dozens of people have enjoyed sharing the weekend with 6 other like-minded people. A few feedback comments can be found here Over-worked? Tired? … Read more

Quality Time to enjoy DEstress activities

Quality Time to DEstress Quality Time doing simple DEstress things with your loved ones is the best therapy for every couple, family or friends. There is nothing more relaxing than being in the sunshine wandering down a creek, through wildflowers with birds chorusing…. and it costs nothing. Everything slows down including your metabolism, mind and … Read more

DEstress as you try community-living

DEstress as you Try Out Community Living on a Sustainable Property DEstress in our garden flat at an almost fully off-the-grid self-sustainable property 300m from Greenmount Hills National Parks. Imagine only travelling 30km for a school holiday experience of wildlife, flowers and winter creek waterfalls, staying at a very affordable home. Book now via  AirBnb … Read more