Food Composting Guide

Food Composting

Food Composting is easy. Any old open top container can have holes cut, easy if it’s already cracked/broken. Any lid, but I live in high speed winds in summer, so this heavy junk left by previous owner’s tenants is useful. Slight weight lifting or make the platform more secure and it can just be tilted up a little bit, after putting compost on dustpan and tipped in. As you can see logs from overhanging tree branch removal make the platform. Red box is a bit broken on edges, but can be slid in & out. I just rinse/wash my ‘fruit in water’ fruitfly baits into the top once a week. So you see, I didn’t buy anything new, just REPURPOSED JUNK that needed to be sorted. Learn more about Sustainable Circular Economy Lifestyle

Easy to tip into wheel barrow, big container to sort, spread ready compost 🙂

Food Composting
Food Composting equipment from re-puposed junk

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Food Composting Guide

Brief mention in guide of composting weeds but I have a easier, more time-efficient hands-off method for mine and still my veges love it. I spread it over top in autumn so winter rain washes it down into the otherwise barren sand, through which nutrients etc are washed down out of reach. Too old and busy to redig each year, but when I made the slightly raised beds, I put lots of cardboard and some wool/hessian backed carpet at the bottom to slow the leaching of everything good, including water.  Removed overhanging dead tree that dropped branches into old roof tiles provided logs to border it. Filled bottom with leaves raked up from Moreton Bay fig, then filled weed compost mixed with better soil from site we needed to dig down abit for rainwater intake tank to be lower than the house. Guide for quick reference using a bought container. The guide is really easy to follow, brief but adequate 🙂

Good & Bad weeds – different to Food Composting


  1.  Suggest you pull big weeds, then put something heavy and flat – e.g. old carpet on right size black plastic with log weights – over the big
    Food Composting
    Bindi Bindi only up to 5cm across, small yellow flowers

    patch of Small weeds.

    1. Put flowering Bindi Bindi in greentop RUBBISH bin, 😊 Look out for bindi everywhere you weed/walk. If they seed, we will have a lot again. Nearly got rid of them before bad tenants.
    2. If there are no mature seeds/flowers on bindi bindi – the plants can be composed. Suggest a separate heap with black plastic over it


  2. Check after early autumn rains, then recheck late winter for regrowth of sourgrass

Food Composting
sourgrass but the danger is below surface – bulbs/tubers

that were growing where the big

hole is left from autumn dig in places where else they like to  grow.

  • I’ve nearly eradicated them from the property. 😊Put all of sourgrass in greentop RUBBISH bin, 😊




  1. These Fine seeding weeds need to be pulled out with digger sometimes, but just focus on BIG ones & those starting
    Food composting
    Fine seedy weed close up mid-pic

    to seed. Best to remove all the big ones each week before they seed otherwise they’ll multiple all winter, spring until summer is too hot & dry😊

      • à bad close-up centre of next pic that gives you an idea of the light, bright green ‘grass-like’ weeds:->>
      • They love to grow between cooch lawn as I think they are in ‘weed n seed’ packets – avoid it.
      • Its poison that ends up in water system via soils, then consumed! But poisonous to creatures, laying, walking on it with bare skin.

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