Weeds are valuable compost, except…

Weeds – Bad or Good?

Weeds aren’t always good compost as explained below 🙂


  1. Front verge where the rubbish bins are placed; in front of neighbour’s green letterbox on my side of their drive. Suggest you pull big
    Bindi Bindi only up to 5cm across, small yellow flowers

    weeds, then put something heavy and flat – e.g. on right size mat over black plastic with log weights – over the big patch of Small weeds.

    • Put flowering Bindi Bindi in greentop RUBBISH bin, 😊 Look out for bindi everywhere you weed/walk. If they seed, we will have a lot again. Nearly got rid of them before it was neglected last year.
    • If there are no mature seeds on bindi bindi – the plants can be composed. Suggest a separate heap with black plastic over it


2. Check for regrowth of sourgrass  growing. Leave big hole is in places where they like to grow to be able to reach seed pod or tubers which are often deeper than the length of fork or shovel blade – on next check.

sourgrass by garden shed

I’ve nearly eradicated them from the property. 😊

  • When to Check:- After a month of autumn rains, and Again end of July check for them.



  1. These Fine seeding weeds need to be pulled out with digger sometimes, but just focus on BIG ones & those starting
    Fine seeding weeds around bucket

    to seed. Best to check each week before they seed otherwise they’ll multiple all winter, spring until summer is too hot dry😊 On right, a photo that gives you an idea of the light, bright green weeds. They love to grow between cooch lawn.

😊Compost just good weeds, no cooch grass at all otherwise it’ll take over your vege garden.

Handy Hints

Mats with plastic underneath help weed the paths where weeds are too small to get out, and too many!  

Ensure you pull/dig out the roots with a little digger even if it’s just an old screwdriver which somebody has rounded end of to use for screws anymore or handle broke = repurpose

😊  Nothing worse than finding they’ve regrown in a few days – is there?  Spoils the satisfaction of 1st effort…

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