Distracting herself from anxiety

Distracting herself from her apprehension about the visit to Alida’s grave, Sophie absorbed the scenery outside the window during the train trip to Maastricht. This was where she felt most at home outside of her Australian birth region. Now Bea no longer lived seven kilometres from the city centre, Sophie headed to her favourite souvenir … Read more

Uncanny coincidences can provide bonding

Uncanny coincidences make family history exploration fascinating Uncanny that Flavia has lived in the group home for deaf people for the few years since I’ve been putting together the pieces of Alida’s life, Sophie thought, as she cycled back to Anna’s place loaded up with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and dried fruit from the farmers’ … Read more

Without her own mother, Alida, life was practical

Without her own mother, as she was growing up, mum was like a slave to her father and his mistress, so she didn’t really think about emotional needs. Sophie wiped her nose as she reflected on her relationship with her recently deceased mum. She recalled how she’d paused for three months from her weekly phone … Read more

Marriage & Community Resilience strengthening

Marriage & Community Resilience can be strengthened by natural disasters Marriage & Community Resilience is often a byproduct of natural disasters. Bushfire Crises often bring out the good in the community. Overwhelming generosity fills the news at last. However anxiety and depression is also overwhelming. So far the amount of land burnt is more than … Read more

Divorce month due to unknown traps

Why has January become divorce month? Divorce Month is January, some even say 8th is danger day. Although a study from the University of Washington found that the most divorces actually happen in August and March, the courts still see a spike in divorce filings right after the new year. The problems are a build up … Read more

Book week assists trauma healing provides hope

Book week assists trauma healing when you learn more about PTSD healing Book week assists trauma healing is part of the public Book Week celebration, so I should be telling you about my publications.  I have 2 printed books and an online blog with new chapters released monthly. Subscribers to this FREE online book get … Read more

Imago marriage counselling will help you

Imago marriage counselling makes “too hard” OK Imago marriage counselling provides a safe environment to practice respectful, caring communication about the most difficult topics to discuss. A structured process ensures that the most awful news is communicated sensitively so that the listener is able to hear and absorb it. Do certain subjects always cause arguments … Read more

Name importance made clear. Chapter 11.

Name often needs explanation Name for the book! Sophie wrote down a phrase which popped into her mind, then joined Bea at the dining table for lunch where they compared the results of their morning activities. Sophie noticed Bea looked tired and tentatively inquired, ‘Do you feel like continuing the story of Alida after lunch?’ … Read more

Subiaco marriage counselling-make 2019 Great

Subiaco marriage counselling Subiaco marriage counselling is open over the Christmas period, because somebody needs to be there for you when you don’t have work and can put some time into developing the relationship you have wished for. It’s a time when many people feel disappointed, having hoped that the magic of Christmas will help … Read more

DEstress time for Couples – join us 24-25 Nov

DEstress time to rejuvenate YOU CAN ATTEND SINGLE SESSIONS $20 🙂 EARLY BIRD OFFER closes Nov 18 for weekend retreat. COME & TRY RELAXATION DEstress activities like:- DEstress time Sat 24 Nov 1030am Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the … Read more