Marriage & Community Resilience strengthening

Marriage & Community Resilience can be strengthened by natural disasters

Marriage & Community Resilience is often a byproduct of natural disasters. Bushfire Crises often bring out the good in the community. Overwhelming generosity fills the news at last. However anxiety and depression is also overwhelming. So far the amount of land burnt is more than 3 times any other fire season anywhere in the world, and nobody can assure us that it will stop.

Time to strengthen Marriage & Community Resilience

It’s easy to be complacent once the bushfire crises pause, and we’ve seen the amount of money donated. But what if our neighbourhood was next? It might not be our family home, but it could be one of our family or good friends. Do you know what to say to your children, to the other family who has lost everything or your partner who is suffering anxiety or depression?

Learn Advanced Communication Skills

Imago Relationship Therapy is simply coaching you to become a great communicator, which means effective listening 🙂 Yes, 2 ears and one mouth 🙂 Knowing what to ask at the right time is another simple communication. But it is actually hard to do, especially when emotions run high, if you’ve not practised it daily on easy things like giving each other appreciations 🙂

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Bushfire crises can teach us so much

Once the crisis is over, and those of us lucky enough to not be in crisis need to think, discuss and take action to prevent more of the inevitable. The majority of our community put it out of mind as soon as possible because it generates too much anxiety, depression and feelings of helplessness.

There is so much we can do as a family, individual and community to feel empowered, and experience the joy of making a difference. Thankfully, people are not waiting for the government to act; we are donating to various charities and the underfunded fire fighters. Even people in overseas countries are donating a lot of money and making mittens etc for wildlife. Many Aussies are collecting seeds to spread, and protesting in petitions and marches. Others are making up backpacks of clothes etc for children. Dogs spread seeds in burnt areas 🙂

Marriage & Community Resilience
Dog spreading seed in fire ravaged areas from packs on it’s back.

Marriage & Community Resilience Building Activities

We can also consult with local fire brigades to find ways to help. Perhaps ask if the Indigenous cool burners can come and teach many local people, so there are more people to do the necessary work in the ever-shortening time period which is suitable to do.

Meanwhile,it might work to get out and rake up excess leaves, bark & branches to reduce our own fire hazards – it doesn’t have to be burnt off. It’s good exercise, safe and we can leave the semi-composted layer, cover it with stones to protect the trees and plant roots, then take the excess to compost for the bushlands which have been razed by fire. It is important that those areas have absolutely no embers under the soil, in logs before adding anything and again cover the litter with gravel or sand / clay – save it from being dumped in landfill!   Just a few ideas – I’m sure your family or group of friends can think of many more things😊

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