Strawbale Hothouse for Winter Veges

Strawbale Hothouse Strawbale Hothouse design is the simplest you could imagine. All credits to the article below. You might think Perth’s biggest challenge is the hot weather, and you’re right. However you can get all your summer seedlings well established from seeds this way, so they are strong, deep-rooted plants by January-March. Your winter veges … Read more

Marriage counselling growth starts now

Marriage counselling growth gardening Marriage counselling growth sprouts from conflict. Growth needs fertilizer and in Imago Relationship therapy we refer to the rupture and repair cycle. Autumn is time to spread the compost, plant vegetable seedlings and let nature nurture each plant’s growth into luscious bunches of healthy salads. Marriage and all relationships need the … Read more

Loneliness solutions to explore

Loneliness plague in our society Loneliness is a major contributor to ill-health both physical and mental. Counselling can assist you to explore options to reduce the effects of loneliness. How about we address the cause? Loneliness solutions Community-living options allow you the amount of common-space, shared activities and distance that you need. How about you … Read more

Christmas Accommodation for family or friends

Christmas Accommodation available for family or friends Christmas Accommodation bookings changed, so now from 12 December, your family and friends can book into Garden Apartment for the Christmas break 🙂 This peaceful location offers a self-contained garden apartment or up to 4 bedrooms in the house [available 10 Dec], all located only 30km from Perth … Read more

DEstress time for Couples – join us 24-25 Nov

DEstress time to rejuvenate YOU CAN ATTEND SINGLE SESSIONS $20 🙂 EARLY BIRD OFFER closes Nov 18 for weekend retreat. COME & TRY RELAXATION DEstress activities like:- DEstress time Sat 24 Nov 1030am Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the … Read more

DEstress Retreat – Time to take a Weekend off

DEstress Retreat offers Relaxation activities to try DEstress Retreat at this Boutique venue, only 30km from Perth commenced in 2016 for people to come try out various ways to relax. Since then dozens of people have enjoyed sharing the weekend with 6 other like-minded people. A few feedback comments can be found here Over-worked? Tired? … Read more

Autumn Destress Retreat will revitalise you

 Autumn Destress Retreat to learn to relax   Immerse yourself with relaxation techniques which keep your body and mind well-tuned for the demands of your life. The aim is that you will then take something into your regular timetable to Learn to pace yourself. One third of the year has flown by. Time to destress … Read more