Loneliness solutions to explore

Loneliness plague in our society

Loneliness is a major contributor to ill-health both physical and mental. Counselling can assist you to explore options to reduce the effects of loneliness. How about we address the cause?

Loneliness solutions

Community-living options allow you the amount of common-space, shared activities and distance that you need.

Shared yards & vege gardens

How about you look at some of the options described on Green Fabric Project page?

Information Event   The ‘Green Swing’ TOUR  Sat, 23 Feb, 4-6pm 

Alleviate loneliness by living in a community

… a living example in one street of how to bring together community

Tour the award winning ‘Green Swing‘ projects in Lathlain: ‘The Siding’ & ‘Genesis’.  View some of the homes, hear from residents & experience the community gardens.
These projects are a living example of how two small community residential projects in one street have connected local residents & created community.  There will be time for conversation, connection & nibbles, after this event. Cost: $35 / conc $25 includes nibbles

Venue:  84 & 96 Rutland Ave, Lathlain


 You can pick your friends, not your family

Why not build a community with people who share the same values, and want the same things in a lifestyle?

Many older people suffer loneliness because their family move away, a partner dies and they are no longer able to drive or get out and about so easily. They often live on a large block, unable to maintain the garden and buildings and would thrive with a younger family or single people moving into the property. Yes, legal contracts, agreements and building modifications are needed.

DEStress Time & methods to make it a smooth process

It takes time with the support and mentoring of experienced community-living advisors but as you will hear from the people who have taken the journey – it’s worth it. Beats loneliness. Most importantly, the stress is managed by using collaborative processes to support everyone to have their priorities taken care of.

Want to just talk with a skilled, understanding counsellor about your loneliness or have an outsider to confide in about the above ideas?

Ph 0417 997 016 now 🙂  or email 

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