DEstress Retreat – Time to take a Weekend off

DEstress Retreat offers Relaxation activities to try

DEstress Retreat at this Boutique venue, only 30km from Perth commenced in 2016 for people to come try out various ways to relax. Since then dozens of people have enjoyed sharing the weekend with 6 other like-minded people. A few feedback comments can be found here




Don’t have time to try yoga, mediation or learn all about essential oils?

It’s all here for you to try while relaxing at DEstress Retreat 🙂

Dished up on a weekend starting at a leisurely time of 10am on Saturday and GENTLY flowing through to 4pm Sunday, including all the healthy food. We go with the flow, no rushing from one thing to another – its a DEstress Retreat 🙂 But you can still bring your comfort foods and something to drink with Saturday night dinner. Relaxation is the key. YOU just have to DIARISE YOUR TIME OFF 🙂

DEstress Retreat
DEstress Retreat’s surroundings
  • Just love the feel of the Hills
  • This place has such a nice feeling
  • It’s so peaceful
  • The people are lovely

This is what people say all the time when they visit or stay at Healing Retreat

Why wouldn’t you Come n try it?

DEstress Retreat
Healthy Food growing for you

Fresh herbs (oregano, parsley, coriander, rosemary, nasturchiums, lemongrass) we pick from the gardens, are chopped into separate bowls for you to sample on various dishes of quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, peas, potatoes, cale, spinach and silverbeet.  There’s lots more provided too.

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What type of Yoga?

Gentle, tailored to the group’s experience and capabilities. Some of us are not so young or fit any more 🙂  Most often Hatha and Yin yoga form the basis of the DEstress Retreat sessions.


How hard are the walks?

There are various options and the group come to consensus. There is plenty of time to deviate on your own preferences too 🙂


Walking with Native Wisteria Wandoo
DEstress Retreat Walk

Early Bird Discount Rate till 10 November

Contribution of $150[Early Bird only – $200 if you pay after 10 Nov. 2018]  for 24-25 NOVEMBER RETREAT
Bookings are filling – Don’t miss out
Receipts for Professional Development are available.


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