Marriage counselling growth starts now

Marriage counselling growth gardening

Marriage counselling growth sprouts from conflict. Growth needs fertilizer and in Imago Relationship therapy we refer to the rupture and repair cycle.

Autumn is time to spread the compost, plant vegetable seedlings and let nature nurture each plant’s growth into luscious bunches of healthy salads. Marriage and all relationships need the same attention.

Marriage counselling growth
Marriage counselling growth begins with compost

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In your first session we list all the strengths and stresses of the relationship in the first 20-30 minutes, then spend a few minutes exploring each person’s perception of the amount distress each item causes. Marriage vitality is cultivated during the second half of the 90-minute session using Advanced Communication Skills. By coaching you to become skilled in using these tools, you will be able to resolve any future disagreement.

During each session this autumn–spring cycle produces greater understanding, bonding, compassion… and each family member has a big smile 😊

Marriage counselling growth
Marriage counselling growth emerges from digging up stuff

Creating a great space for Marriage counselling growth 

It’s been 6-8 weeks since I sat here in sustainable double-glazed windowed study due to digging up all the gardens to install reticulation for new water recycling unit to replace old second septic tank and leach drain. Less root invasion problems, and lots more water for growing fruit, vegetables and shady grapevines in summer… not to mention the snake vine beans hanging around everywhere giving shade and delicious, nutritious food. Great snake snacks 😊

Sometimes you need to dig up a lot and sort the mess into a healthier, more productive relationship. Marriage and all relationships need the same hard work if you want an amazing relationship, abundant in love, understanding and excitement every spring.
Snakevine beans, sweet potato jungle with broad beans emerging above

Ph 0417 997 016 to book a Marriage counselling session 🙂

You might even like to have an affordable little ‘retreat weekend’ 🙂 Check out for your Any Time of the Year little rejuvenation-time present to yourselves. Much more information on

Marriage counselling growth
Joy & Beauty sprouts from digging & composting

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