Septic tank FUNCTION Checklist

Septic tank checklist starts with these DIY tasks:- The reality is we need to do a lot ourselves post-pandemic. As you know the limited number of tradies will not have time to do the digging. Last time, nearly 2 years ago in a very hot February, as Australia opened up to the tail-end pandemic; a … Read more

Floods wreck and rebuild communities

Floods draw out community cooperation Floods were not likely on the day Sophie set off in the sunshine, with a fully laden bicycle to catch the train to the most south-western tip of Holland that had been formed after the closure of inlets and estuaries following the 1953 floods. Despite her proximity to this area … Read more

Relationships grow in Community

Relationships need Support Relationships need a support network because let’s face it – all couples including LGBTQ and traditional marriages – have gaps. No two people can satisfy each other’s needs or be 100% all the time, if ever totally. Why not explore living in a community of people, sharing a garden and other similar … Read more

Marriage Counselling Sustainable Living Day

Marriage Counselling Sustainable Living Family Event to Learn & Experience it Marriage Counselling Sustainable Living explores how you can improve the quality of life for the present and the future of your children. Join Chris Ferreira & expert guests to learn everything from intelligent garden layout & natural air-conditioning, to solar-passive design & creating a … Read more

DEstress as you try community-living

DEstress as you Try Out Community Living on a Sustainable Property DEstress in our garden flat at an almost fully off-the-grid self-sustainable property 300m from Greenmount Hills National Parks. Imagine only travelling 30km for a school holiday experience of wildlife, flowers and winter creek waterfalls, staying at a very affordable home. Book now via  AirBnb … Read more