Relationships grow in Community

Relationships need Support

Relationships need a support network because let’s face it – all couples including LGBTQ and traditional marriages – have gaps.

No two people can satisfy each other’s needs or be 100% all the time, if ever totally.

Why not explore living in a community of people, sharing a garden and other similar positives of old-time village life.

Snakevine beans, sweet potato jungle with broad beans emerging above plus vege net gives total privacy

LAST CHANCE… Tues 630-830-pm 6 August – TALK: COHOUSING

Living the Dream


Date: Tuesdate 6 August 6:30 – 8:30pm
Venue: The Bodhi Tree, Mt Hawthorn
Cost: $10/$15


What is Cohousing and why are the people who’ve embraced this housing option raving about it?

Having recently returned from the Cohousing Conference in Portland (OR), Eugenie, founder of Green Fabric, will share projects and stories from her trip, including how they made it happen.  You’ll also hear from Melissa who spent a couple of months studying Spreefeld, a co-operative cohousing community in Berlin.

And for those ready to live the cohousing dream, two ‘burning souls’ will share their dream for a project here in Perth.


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Shared yards & vege gardens

Living the Dream
Case Studies


PDX Commons Cohousing is a recently completed senior cohousing community in Portland Oregon.  The shared facilities in the complex are extensive and super impressive, the apartments oozed quality, and the residents were super happy with their new home and great lifestyles!  PDX Commons is one of the projects I’ll talk more about on Tuesday.

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Building the Dream
How we can help


Eugenie from Green Fabric is an affiliate of the 500 Communities Program, a program for passionate entrepreneurs who want to devote themselves to the goal of building the next 500 cohousing communities. It is facilitated by  expert cohousing consultant Katie McCamant from CoHousing Solutions (USA).  Read more…


Creating Sustainable Neighborhoods, One Community at a Time

Green Fabric is proud to be working with CoHousing Solutions.  Together we provide development consulting services for cohousing neighborhoods and other collaborative groups. Give us a call to learn more about our services. 


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