DEstress as you try community-living

DEstress as you Try Out Community Living on a Sustainable Property

DEstress in our garden flat at an almost fully off-the-grid self-sustainable property 300m from Greenmount Hills National Parks.

Imagine only travelling 30km for a school holiday experience of wildlife, flowers and winter creek waterfalls, staying at a very affordable home.

Book now via  AirBnb for rooms in the house or the garden flat

The flat is booked out until mid-December 😊 Book for any available time period which you choose in a self-contained flat in a garden filled with fruit and vegetables. Only a minute’s walk to Greenmount National Park, about 17 mins walk to bus or 6 km drive to Midland train station.

DEstress community living
Walking with native wisteria, wandoo & kangaroos

The owner is passionate about sustainable community living and acquired the property to provide affordable accommodation to women during the rental crisis. She now provides affordable accommodation via Air BnB for people to DEstress – and invites you to rent the flat [or the main bedroom of the house] for a weekend, week or more’s holiday to experience the community-living lifestyle without making the commitment. Families have access to up to 4 bedrooms in the house for up to 2 weeks.

More information here

Imagine waking to a bird chorus 🙂

  • showering in rainwater, drinking pure filtered rainwater,
  • using solar PV’s and soon-to-be-installed home storage system,
  • growing more vegetables, and
  • daily bushwalks while living only 30 km from Perth CBD
  • – so you could stay for months and travel to work.

Try Out Community Living Future Opportunities

  1. If you are looking for somewhere to live while building your own new home, the flat is also an affordable option for single/couple/single mum with small child to consider.
  • There is potential for 3 family-units to live on this property. The most commonly preferred next step is to form a Cooperative, which would become the sole owner [which happens to suit the Shire’s ownership requirements of the block]. There is also the possibility of using the Co-housing Model which most commonly is based upon ‘Tenants in Common’ regulations.
  • More information on the Community-Living models of ownership can begin at based upon a Co-housing Model. Information and support links for the Cooperative and other models can begin at

Ph Francess 0417 997 016 or Email

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