Marriage Counselling Sustainable Living Day

Marriage Counselling Sustainable Living Family Event to Learn & Experience it

Marriage Counselling Sustainable Living explores how you can improve the quality of life for the present and the future of your children.

Join Chris Ferreira & expert guests to learn everything from intelligent garden layout & natural air-conditioning, to solar-passive design & creating a productive & nature-play inspired backyard.

At Hami Hill Sustainable Home on Sunday 18 May, 10am – 4pm

Hear about Chris’ exciting sustainable infill development; showcasing how he plans to have 4 homes & 40 trees all on a block just over 800 sqm! 

There are tours and workshops all day. Make sure to check out the program.

Green Fabric will be co-facilitating the following workshops: Planning your own ‘inspired infill’ (2:15 – 3pm)


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Marriage Counselling Sustainable Living
Marriage Counselling Sustainable Living Day to learn & experience it

Marriage Counselling Sustainable Living Workshops & Times

Sensational Solar (11.15am – 12noon)
With all the advances in battery technology the home solar energy market is about to be revolutionised and our speaker Matty Wallwork, a leading renewable energy expert and eco architect, will be in a unique position to discuss all the aspects of the latest advances in panels, batteries and EV charging stations. Don’t miss this talk if you want to get the latest advice on the best designs for your renewable energy future

Eco-technology and greywater for your home (12.15 – 1pm)
From rainwater tanks, to super energy efficient LED lighting to re-gasing your Air Con to slash running costs, Ken Higgins from Complete Enviro Solutions is a wealth of info on how you can slash your power bills with some nifty gadgets and appropriate technology.

Soils & Food Production with Ben Klenner 
(1.15 – 2pm)
Learn the secrets of really amazing life giving compost, how to get the best out of your efforts and the tips and tricks the experts use to grow beautiful, nutritious and organic food in your own garden. This is essential for anyone who has battled to get the growth they hoped for in our depleted and tired sandy soils.

Planning your own ‘Inspired infill’ (2.15 – 3pm)
Let the team from the Hamilton Hill Sustainable Home introduce you the tips and strategies to consider as you begin your own eco-infill project. A fascinating entry level talk into what is involved in this exciting new space of urban development from the basics of planning, passive solar design to the benefits of Strata development. A critical first step for anyone considering an alternative to typical infill development.

The beautiful bounty of Bees (3.15 – 4pm)
Come and learn the tips and techniques for successfully having your own backyard bee hive from our local bee man and all round champion Vince. Vince has managed the hive at the Hamilton Hill Sustainable Home for 3 years and has a wealth of experience from all around the state on how to make for a healthy, happy and productive bee collective. A must for all those inspired by the thought (and taste) of having their own urban honey!

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