Trauma Healing the pleasurable way

Trauma Healing Weekend Retreat

Trauma Healing is offered in a gentle, supportive, happy retreat weekend 24-25 November with healing activities:-

*Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the price]
*Yoga, Please let me know if you can Bring a Mat ūüôā

Lunch time Individual Trauma Healing sessions Exclusive to this Retreat

Reiki & Indian Massage Healer, Lorna Sullivan

Reiki healer¬†Lorna Sullivan¬†is coming to our retreat on 25 Nov. especially to provide ¬†either Reiki or Indian Head Massage as an optional extra during the long lunch break as requested by our first to register attendee¬†😊Reiki¬†works on different levels the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual enhancing everything in life. ‚Ķ This ancient Japanese method of healing uses energy to¬†balance the body and mind.¬†There will be 2-3 more sessions available for others to book into when you register please. Just¬†email¬†me for all the details¬†😊

Trauma Healing
Giovanna Rico – essential oils presenter & Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing

Giovanna Rico¬†will also be available during the long lunch break on¬†Saturday¬†24 November to provide you with individual sessions in¬†Somatic Experiencing.¬†¬†An effective therapy for¬†resolving symptoms associated with¬†experiencing trauma, relieving chronic¬†stress and¬†increasing people‚Äôs vitality and¬†capacity to actively engage in life.¬†¬†There will be 3-4 sessions available for you to book into.¬† Just¬†email¬†me for all the details¬†😊¬†¬†More Info about¬†Giovanna, plus¬† you will get to know Giovanna¬†during the Essential Oils session on Sat. morning😊

+A healthy food smorgasbord lunch and recipes to share
+See how easy it is to grow your own veges
+ Explore the National Park and enjoy panoramic views [walking]
+Wonderful people to chat with and experience caring, nurturing support
Contribution of $150 [EARLY BIRD OFFER ENDS 10 NOV] Р$200 is normal price
Receipts for Professional Development are available.

Trauma Healing as taught by specialist Peter Levine

Somatic Experiencing¬†is an effective psycho-biological therapy for¬†resolving symptoms associated with¬†experiencing trauma, relieving chronic¬†stress and¬†increasing people‚Äôs vitality and¬†capacity to actively engage in life. This¬†innovative scientifically effective therapy¬†with over 30 years of research was¬†developed by Dr Peter Levine. Learn more about this technique, and then come and experience Giovanna’s lunch-time private session at our retreat.¬†¬†Secure your place at our Destress Relaxation Activities Retreat now 😊¬† 😊

Hosted by Specialist Trauma Healing Counsellor, Francess Day

One of the first trauma healing self-help books¬†“Putting together the pieces” (2002)¬†was written by Francess. Support Groups¬†run when enough people can be gathered together.

The¬†support groups¬†developed into the current individual and family counselling services, training & support services for organisations and Public Education. From all this experience and ongoing training,¬†Francess Day’s¬†self-help workbook ‚ÄúPut together your Own Life‚ÄĚ was published in 2004.

Research¬†illustrating the lived practice of trauma therapy by 22 experienced West Australian¬†therapists from diverse professions earned Francess her¬†1st class Honours in Psychology in 2009.¬†A copy of the thesis is available for a small fee.¬†Preview Thesis Abstract, and Extracts¬†of the Findings¬†and Summary.¬†¬†The Research explored what experienced Trauma Therapists found most effective when working with trauma clients and the findings validate much of the ¬†‚ÄúPut together your Own Life‚ÄĚ workbook¬† material.

Francess completed Intensive Training to provide Imago relationship counselling to couples and parent-child pairs, plus trauma and general counselling at a shared practice at 162 C Rokeby Rd, SUBIACO and Greenmount.

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